Timeless Tights - Crimson



High-waisted AND pockets? It’s like a dream come true! These timeless tights go with literally everything, plus the perfectly high-waisted waist line accentuates your best curves. Our super popular pockets are back and they’re ready to hold your phone, keys, or sunshine. 


  • Cozy, brushed, buttery-soft fabric
  • Squat proof fabric - no see-through moments, here
  • High-waisted cut sits above the belly button
  • Pockets on both sides
  • Full-length legging


ButterSilk: 80% Nylon, 20% Spandex

Model Info:

Anna is wearing size XS
Height: 5’5” | Bust: 37” | Bra: 32D | Waist: 27.5” | Hips: 35”

Arlene is wearing size XL
Height: 5’ 9” | Bust: 44” | Bra: 36DD | Waist: 37” | Hips: 50”

Samara is wearing size XS
Height: 5’9” | Bust: 32 | Bra 32C | Waist: 25” | Hips: 36”


XS: 25.5" | S: 26" | M: 26.5" | L: 27 | XL: 27.5" | 1X: 27.75" | 2X: 28.25" | 3X: 28.75" 

Type: Leggings

Customer Reviews

Based on 208 reviews
Size Bought: S
Overall Fit: True to Size
Height: 5' 8"
Bra Size: 34B
Body Type: Hourglass
Weight: 120
Amazing fabric but not necessarily full length for us tall girls!

I absolutely ADORE this fabric. It is thicker than the terrain collection leggings and the pockets are a great bonus. The extra stitch on the upper waistband keeps everything in place and does not pinch me. When I put my iPhone (6.1" version) in the pocket, it's very visible and juts out but that makes sense given the compression. My only other pair of pocket leggings is looser so putting my phone in the pocket makes the leggings start to droop on that side but that's not a problem here!

I will say that as a tall person (5' 8"), a longer inseam would have been better for me. For reference, my hips are 36" and waist is 27" which is why I went with the small size. @Popflex it would be great if you could make short and tall versions of leggings for every size to accommodate more body types! Also maybe I just have thin ankles but the ends of the leggings are a little loose but that tends to be a problem for me with all leggings. But the thick fabric and compression makes it all worth it. The color is also amazing!!

Size Bought: M
Height: 5"2
Bra Size: 34B
Body Type: Pear
Weight: 124 lbs
Best leggings I've ever had!

True to size! Perfect length (sometimes they are either too short or too long), super soft and good quality material. Love the fact that it has pockets to put my phone there and also love the color!

Size Bought: S
Overall Fit: True to Size
Height: 5'5"
Body Type: Athletic
Weight: 120
cameltoe and inaccurate fabric description

I love the high waist, pockets, and material of these, but as with all PopFlex items, there always seems to be something off.

I wouldn't call this fabric "brushed" or "cozy" at all. it just feels like a thicker version of terrain. I actually don't mind the fabric but I do mind that it was marketed as a "cozy, brushed...", so it was a let down when this came and it's not.

worst part is the crotch area gives me a cameltoe. I have so many other PopFlex leggings and other leggings and this is the first time I've had such terrible cameltoe and the seams push so uncomfortably against my skin.

Size Bought: S
Overall Fit: True to Size
Height: 5.3
Bra Size: 34
Body Type: Pear
Weight: 62kgs
Love it

Was so worth the wait

Size Bought: S
Overall Fit: True to Size
Height: 5’4”
Body Type: Athletic
Weight: 125
Comfy, Gorgeous

These leggings are so comfy, and make me feel gorgeous. Everything from here always makes me feel instantly better and these are no exception. So happy this line came back!

Size Bought: M
Overall Fit: True to Size
Height: 176 cm (5,9)
Weight: 65 kg
Love it!

I love this legging. The color is absolutely beautiful. It fits really well, it is just a little short for my long legs but I have that with a lot of leggings :) It is the first legging I bought from popflex. (I'm from Europe) but this was just what I wanterd so I took a shot with the size and it fit! I'm so happy I bought it. I already got I compliment on the legging via a zoom yoga lesson!

Size Bought: M
Overall Fit: True to Size
Height: 5'3"
Bra Size: B36
Body Type: Pear
Weight: 125 lbs.
Just as wonderful as I thought it would be!

Review for Sugar Plum leggings -

Once again, Popflex delivers utter comfort to my doorstep ❤️ I'm beyond obsessed with this color, and I'm very impressed with how it changes hue depending on the lighting! It's so luscious and soft, just like my black Hourglass leggings I'd received in a previous purchase!! It really makes the color of my eyes stand out, too, so I would highly recommend this shade of crimson/violet for anyone with green eyes!

The fit was fantastic everywhere but the ankles. I found that just like what I had to do with my Hourglass leggings, I had to turn the bottoms inside out and neatly roll them up by an inch or 2 to get them to stop bunching and have them sit smooth, but I think that's just because I'm short and this is a full length legging. Doesn't bother me at all, though, and just like my black leggings from this collection, the ankles stay rolled up throughout my entire workout and beyond, so I'm not bothered by it at all! They're too comfortable to care anyway 😂 they're very figure flattering, and I love how high the waist is, although oddly, it's not quite as flattering on my belly button area as the Hourglass leggings or my Gulch 2.0 leggings. I reaaaally love the V shaped waistband, but I totally get why that's not a feature for these high waisted, full length leggings.

The material is exactly what I expected, as well, buttery soft and lush!!! The pockets are just the right size for my large phone, but not quite as large as the pockets on my Morning Dew leggings. So, while the pocket doesn't quite sag a tiny bit like my Morning Dew leggings can do at times, the pockets for the Timeless Tights can't quite fit as much in comparison either. Not sure which I like better, the slightly smaller/sleeker-looking form fitting pockets of the Timeless Tights, or the extra pocket space-in spite of the mild sagging of the Morning Dew leggings. That's a hard choice to make! The waist band does feel a little more uncomfortable than my leggings from the Terrain collection, like it digs in a little bit, but atleast they sure don't slip or slide down all over the place. Just like the bra, this waistband stays firmly in place on me, and once I get to sweating, it ain't going NOWHERE 🤣 They are a bit hard to peel off when they get drenched in sweat, and the sweat does show very badly with this color, but it dries in about 45 minutes, so it's not like the sweat marks will be glaringly obvious for overly too long if that's something one might worry about. I sweat like a horse, so trust me, my set dried pretty quick, considering 😂🐴

My only concern is the strength and alignment of the stitch work along the crotch. The seam in that triangular panel, the flat part that attaches to the seam in the middle that leads up to the very front of the tights, came with a tiny loose loop of thread poking out. I didn't think too much of it, and thought maybe it would be fine if I just left it alone. However, after my Cardio workout today, I noticed the loop had gotten about a quarter of an inch longer, and then it snapped during jumping squat lunges. No damage done, thankfully there's no hole along the seamline, but I AM worried about how long my beautiful leggings will last before they potentially unravel at the seams 😟 I've seen other women have this problem, where these exact same leggings have completely come undone during plie squats and such, and end up with a huge long rip down the entire length of the leg from crotch to calf. I bought this knowing that that could happen at some point anyway, so it's not like I'm saying this because I'm dissatisfied with my product. I love these dang things!!  I feel quite lucky, though, because while mine haven't done it yet, it IS rather alarming how this seemed to have happened to quite a few other customers... While my stitching wasn't broken, it was somewhat rough looking around the crotch and the inside of the ankles where the 3 panels of fabric meet. I would strongly recommend looking into the sewing machines and/or your quality control department and seeing what's up, because this seems like it wasn't an issue when the Sugar Plum collection first launched, rather a problem that seemed to begin occurring after the recent restock.

So yeah! Paranoia aside, these leggings are very close to perfect so far 🙃 I'm very happy with my Corset Bra and Timeless Tights!