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This gorgeous bra effortlessly moves with you and features a super flattering square neckline with a low-cut back that shows off your muscles in all the right places. Crafted from our new Buttersoft Compress fabric. 



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Type: Sports Bras

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Toni C.
so cute!!!

yeah this color just works for me! Happy I got this at the fit intensive! Now I have this one and the blue one!!

Deepti Agnihotri
So bold and comfortable!

I bought a size S because I thought my bra size was 34B but I recently realized I am a 32A (so take the sizing as you will)
I bought this bra a few months ago and it is so comfortable and soft! I love the square neckline but do have to pull the bra down sometimes during high intensity movements (i.e. jumping) to make sure the shoulder straps don't start slipping (this may also be because I bought a small and should have gone with an XS given my new bra size). Either way, I love the fun color as it's different from anything else I have so I highly recommend!

So cute and functional

The color is so stunning, the fabric is so soft and comfortable, and also totally flattering and functional!

Supportive when it covers the girls

I'm a 34E/36DD at 5'4"/164cm and have two XLs of this, one in each colour. It's such a pretty cut, however my boobs keep falling out over the front.

The coverage is good at first, only giving a little cleavage and doesn't dig into my underarm. However, my boobs seem to slowly travel up and out of the shelf, enough to show some areola and maybe more if I don't notice it fast enough. This happens simply over the course of a day where I'm just walking around and maybe doing some gardening.

It's a bit too stressful to wear without a shirt fully covering the front because of this problem. I still love it, but I can't trust it, sadly. I think the straps may be too long and don't hold the girls close enough. I might be able to go with an L, especially since I've been losing weight, but that size has felt really tight on my ribs in the past. I also have other XL designs from popflex that don't have this problem.

Excuse the physio tape in the pic, I've been playing with using it as boob tape, but constantly removing it hurts my skin more, so I wait for my skin to start shedding a bit so it doesn't irritate it as much. It's waterproof, so I still shower with it. I just wear bras when the tape starts loosing its efficacy.

Love the Lime!

I love this color, this bra is so comfy and stunning