The Bia Backpack - Midnight


Color: Midnight
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In Greek Mythology, Bia is the Goddess of Might. She exemplifies strength and power, and now, she will accompany you on all your greatest adventures. Thoughtfully designed with a laptop compartment, several perfectly placed pockets, and a fully-lined shoe holder, you can take Bia with you from point A to point B (and C and D and E, too). This comfy and gorgeous backpack holds everything you need without all the bulk, so fill up your schedule and let’s go!

Features + Fit

• Thick and luxurious neoprene material
• Floral lining
• High-quality gold hardware
• Unique hand-folded asymmetric bow
• Cushioned straps for ultimate comfort
• Fully lined shoe compartment
• Thoughtfully placed side pocket for quick access to necessities
• X-strap in inner pockets to keep things in place
• Laptop holder
• 7 inner pockets
• Keep things organized with 7 perfectly placed inside pockets including a zippered pocket
• Key ring clip so you never lose your keys

12” long x 5” wide x 16” tall

Customer Reviews

Based on 65 reviews
Em Thompson
My Favorite Bag

I love this bag so much! So so much! I use it to travel, for class, as a purse, as a diaper bag, everything. I get complements everywhere I go! I love the color, the fabric, the design, the gold zippers and the function. I’m not naturally organized and tend to just throw things in the bag when I’m on the go and this bag actually helps me organize quickly. Love this bag. 10 stars for me! My boyfriend got me this bag for Christmas and the zipper scrunchie and journal I wanted!


I love this backpack!!! It’s so soft and big enough for all my teaching material, personal items and more! I just love 🖤 everything about it!!

Nancy Arias
Backpack of my dreams

It's a beautifully made bag that has so much to offer. The design is gorgeous, neoprene material is lovely to touch, and the gold accents really stand out. I was a bit worried it wouldn't be as big as I would have liked but it's quite roomy and the size is what you would expect out of a typical back pack. I'm very pleased! The only personal issue I have would be how difficult it is to zip the bottom portion of the bag. I really have to pull on it, and tugging it so roughly makes me feel like I might damage it. But overall, it's a beautiful backpack!!

In love!

This bag is a must have! It has so many pockets, it's so practical and stylish at the same time! The design and material is awsome. Fell in love with it!

Balance and protection is lacking

This bag was so incredibly popular that it sold out last time and I missed the boat. The reviews seemed pretty good too, with neoprene being a reasonably good material to protect electronics (the laptop cover used to carry my laptop by itself is made from neoprene), and with how much space it had, I had high hopes to say the least.
I spent months waiting and saving up for this bag (it's not cheap), and when I finally got it, I was ecstatic, it was cute, seemed practical and I was going to use it for my next trip. So I packed it and prepared for my next trip with laptop in it (could not fit both my cover and laptop in, so had to then remove the cover) then placed it temporarily sat upright on an elevated surface somewhere else to sort something out.
Sadly, the balance was completely off (it was not like I had nothing on the front side of the bag to balance it out, I had an iPad and headphones among other things), and it fell. The contact point was unfortunately the laptop itself inside the zipped up bag, but the protection was highly insufficient and the laptop cracked as a result, with the bag being punctured/torn upon its first use.
Although the bag is cute, and provided you don't put it down or you're happy to lie it with its back down, this is sadly not worth over $100 in my opinion. Especially when you don't have a choice on giving your laptop extra protection when you use the laptop pocket, and just have to risk it with poor balance of the bag too...
I am usually very excited by the collections of popflex, and love to see the designs and service updates, but this was unfortunately a disappointment for myself as I had waited so long for the bag and was hoping it would successfully replace my current worn out one.