Is it just us, or do the last couple months of the year, with their crisp and cozy coolness, always get you dreaming about goals and plans for the new year?! Sometimes planning out fun new projects is the best way to prioritize growth and move forward, no matter what's happening. 

Knowing just how to make good goals, though? That can be tricky.

We've asked each of the absolutely INCREDIBLE POPster models for our Sugar Plum holiday line to shed a lil light on how they come up with goals that are healthy, happy-making, and motivating! 

It's our FAVORITE thing to work with fun-loving, dynamic members of our POPFLEX community for each launch, and this photoshoot was one of our best yet! Have you already snagged some new goodies from the new collection?! We hope it brought a little bit of joy during these stressful times

But now! Without further ado - let's meet our Sugar Plum models! 

Meet Arlene! 📸: @arlene_honey

Occupation: Plus size model, singer 
How did you hear about POPFLEX/Blogilates? My sister introduced me to Blogilates a few years ago because she has been doing it every day for as long as I can remember! During quarantine she got me back into it and encouraged me to apply to do the POPFLEX shoot! ♥️
What is your fave piece from this collection? Omg that’s so hard to decide!! My favorite piece is probably the Timeless Pocket Tights! They have secret pockets which are always a great addition to leggings! But honestly, every single piece in the collection is so comfortable, soft and CUTE!! Can’t go wrong!
What’s your favorite way to work out from home? I love waking up and doing some stretching/yoga and incorporating some wild dance into my days and of course some Blogilates and HIIT training, which you can do anywhere! 
arlene BTS instagram Popflex sugar plum
What are your tips for making healthy goals for the new year? I think it’s so important to make time for yourself and practicing self love. Putting aside time to move your body, rest, enjoy life - that's what it’s all about! A nice balance. Life is meant to be fun and I think we forget that too often because we’re so clouded by all the things going wrong in the world and in our life...or all the the things we could be doing. Don’t get me wrong, it’s important to work hard and to stay aware of all that is going on, but don’t forget to enjoy yourself and take care of yourself as well. Consciously being present, having fun and checking in with yourself is all part of self love, which is #1 ♥️

Meet Sam! 📸: @samara_poche

sam Popflex model sugar plum

Occupation: Model/Actress
How did you hear about POPFLEX/Blogilates? My friend sent me the casting because she's a big fan and I became interested after looking into it. Loved the colors, style, and message. 
What is your fave piece from this collection? Definitely the Perfect Bra in Rose and the matching leggings - the Hourglass Leggings in Rose, as well!
What’s your favorite way to work out from home? I have a treadmill in my garage that I utilize, and I also do a lot of leg and ab workouts in my backyard.
sam BTS Popflex sugar plum
What are your tips for making healthy goals for the new year? Don't stop! I know it's hard and we're in such a difficult time right now, but it's so important now more than ever to stick to it. Our health should be our priority during a time where it can be easily compromised. I think if you make a schedule and stick to it, it's possible to maintain your health goals. What's that saying? It only takes 30 days to form a habit...

Meet Anna! 📸: @annamischio

Occupation: Professional dancer and Holistic health coach

How did you hear about POPFLEX/Blogilates? I heard about POPFLEX through the casting and became obsessed with their activewear during the shoot. I kept saying "These feel better than my lulus!" Now I wear the sets ALL THE TIME.

What is your fave piece from this collection? I love the Perfect Bra in Black. It's cute and simple (totally my aesthetic) but has a fun, open back! I also love that it has great support but it's still comfy!  

What’s your favorite way to work out from home? I love doing pilates and HIIT, depending on my mood. I usually focus on my abs and booty (the two best!) and do lots of targeted toning.

Popflex anna BTS sugar plum

What are your tips for making healthy goals for the new year? Write them down! Tell your friends and family! Schedule your goals into your daily routine. The key is to hold yourself accountable and set yourself up for success. I like to make a few big goals for the year and a lot of small goals that will lead me towards achieving the bigger goals. 


Aaah, just reading through these tips by our gorgeous POPster models makes us feel so so inspired! We can't wait to get ready and crush our goals over the upcoming months. 

What types of projects are you tackling as the year draws to a close?