It's been a tough year, guys (understatement). Let's just say that we are sooo excited that the holidays are upon us! If you, like us, are looking forward to celebrating long-held traditions and new beginnings alike, we've got just what you need. 

With the debut of the Sugar Plum Collection, we want to encompass the fun and glittery feel of the upcoming holiday season! From Thanksgiving to New Years, we're celebrating all of that goodness with our most delicate, exquisite activewear yet! 

When our designer, Cassey, was searching for inspo for this collection, she knew she wanted to work with a deep crimson color to celebrate the holidays. She also drew inspiration from the historical fashion of French courts, with corsets and deep square neck lines. 

When it came to selecting the perfect name, Cassey took a cue from a childhood fave. Sugar Plum was the perfect name for the collection because it evokes the Nutcracker. (Cassey used to take ballet as a young girl!)


French courts? The Nutcracker, ballet, and the gorgeous jewel tones the holidays naturally invite? We're already SOLD. 

Join us as we welcome this year's most festive collection - Sugar Plum! 

1. Corset Bra in Crimson

POPFLEX sugar plum holiday collection 2020

Sam wears the Corset Bra - get the look here

We're completely in love with the square neckline, faux boning to mimic a corset, and criss-cross ribbon-esque back of the Corset Bra. The cut is so femme, yet so strong

Remember how we said Cassey drew inspiration from French courts? She knew early on that she wanted to turn the idea of the corset on its head. The thing with the corset is that it’s super restrictive. Women wearing them could not move.

With the Sugar Plum Collection, Cassey challenged herself to use something so restrictive as inspo for ULTIMATE movement, freedom and mobility.

It's one of the most aesthetic bras we've ever seen, but it's more than just about looks: This bra comes with removable padding for comfort, its ribbon back is ultra-supportive, AND it provides the flexibility you need for movement-filled workouts.

2. Flow Motion Bra in Crimson

POPFLEX sugar plum holiday collection 2020

Arlene wears the Flow Motion Bra - get the look here

(Full stop: Don't you just love that little cutout? It adds breathability and intrigue!)

This beautiful bra has a secret: It comes with a pocket. Hold your phone securely on the racerback during a run or a workout! This secure, supportive bra is perfect for high impact training, or anytime where you're going to be moving around a lot. It's got removable padding, thick straps, and a higher covering on the neckline - you'll feel so secure when you're wearing the Flow Motion Bra! 

The pieces in the Sugar Plum Collection are made of an ultra-breathable 80-20 Nylon-Spandex fabric (save for our gorgeous tops - we'll get to those in a second!) This material is strong enough to hold its shape during the toughest of workouts. It's also soft enough to feel buttery on the skin - TOTALLY decadent. 

3. Flutter Top in Crème brûlée

POPFLEX sugar plum holiday collection 2020

Sam wears the Flutter Top - get the look here

Quick backstory: Cassey wanted to design a top that can be worn for workouts or for pairing with jeans. She also loves open backs, crew necks, and the femme daintiness of flutter sleeves.

Put all of that together, and what do you get? This exquisite Flutter Top. The ribbon wrap feature allows you to adjust how you wear it; it's great over sports bras - and, let's take a quick second to talk about the SUPER soft jersey material we're featuring in this line! 

We absolutely ADORE the 90-10 Polyester-Spandex blend we chose for the Flutter Top, Intrigue Tank, and Reveal Top. It's light as air, has just enough stretch to be comfortable, and will give you that silky-smooth feel that you want in a gorgeous workout-to-streetwear piece. 

4. Hourglass Legging in Rose and Black

Anna wears the Hourglass Legging - get the look here

Get the Hourglass Legging in Rose here

With a super flattering V-cut waist, these leggings accentuate an hourglass figure on everyone! The Hourglass Leggings don't have an elastic hold band, which creates a smoothing feel over your waist. They also sit just a little higher on your waist than other leggings we've created! 

These full-length leggings are completely squat-proof and incredibly soft with our new ButterSilk fabric. We're serious, guys - you won't want to take them off. 

5. Intrigue Tank in Smokey Mauve

POPFLEX sugar plum holiday collection 2020

Anna wears the Intrigue Tank - get the look here

GUYS. We just love a top with a tie front at the waist! With an adjustable length so you can crop it or keep it flowy, the Intrigue Tank lets you show just a little bit of your fave athletic bras underneath. Between the super soft jersey, the versatile styling options, and the ever-so-slightly-flirty cutout, this tank is one we can envision living in over the holiday season!

6. Perfect Bra - Black

POPFLEX sugar plum holiday collection 2020

Anna wears the Perfect Bra in Black - get the look here

Umm, yeah, we're going there: this is literally THE perfect bra. Picture it: Adjustable straps and removable padding, a universally-flattering U-shape neckline, a long-length for midsection coverage, and a unique cutout back design for ultimate breathability. It's all we could ever want in a bra.

But actually? Our favorite thing about it is the way it makes us feel. With its sleek, graceful lines, the Perfect Bra will make you feel like a warrior ballerina! 

Pro tip: Cassey designed the neckline to be flattering for everyone, but if you have a small bust, this will DEFINITELY be your go-to top. 

    7. Reveal Top in Smokey Mauve

    POPFLEX sugar plum holiday collection 2020

    Sam wears the Reveal Top - get the look here

    We're all about the showstopper back details this time, can you tell? Just LOOK at that elegant, drapey open back! With flutter sleeves and that wrap detail, this top reminds us of a 40's open back dress. With flutter sleeves for a feminine feel and versatile tie front, you can wear this the way you choose: longer, or cropped higher. Your choice! 

    8. Timeless Pocket Tights: Crimson, Black

    POPFLEX sugar plum holiday collection 2020

    Arlene wears the Timeless Pocket Tights - get the look here

    Are you ready for our MOST HIGH WAISTED pant yet? We are! These full length leggings are just so timeless - hence the name! - because, we promise you, these will go with everything. They're comfy, they have pockets, they're squat-proof, and they'll stay up no matter what happens! With a smoothing, gliding feel that cinches you in at the waist, the Timeless Pocket Tights are here to become your new go-to workout leggings. 


    From the delicate details to the swoon-worthy fabrics, the Sugar Plum Collection is our fave to date! We can't wait for you guys to experience the beauty of the latest from POPFLEX! 

    Which piece is your favorite?! Let us know below in the comments!