Hey guys, it's Laurel, the social media manager for POPFLEX! If you've been following @popflex_active, you've probably seen me post about our POPFLEX POWERGIRLS, a group of eight women from all different backgrounds, who embody what POPFLEX is all about! 

We couldn't be happier to see how much the POWERGIRLS have inspired all of you! I've gotten the privilege of working closely with, and getting to know them over the past few months, and they always find new ways to inspire me too! ✨

That's why, over the next eight weeks, we're giving YOU the chance to get to know them better - learn where they're from, what their typical day is like, how they stay fit, and more!

First up is Alex-Marie from Albany, NY! The thing that really inspired us about Alex-Marie is that she pursues two VERY different passions - practicing law & dancing - and thinks you should be able to do! Check out my Q&A with her below!



1️⃣ Give three words to describe yourself!

    Ambitious; empathetic; & hard-working. 

    2️⃣ What's one thing on your bucket list you haven't done? One that you have?

    I have a bucket list that is specifically full of places I want to travel to, because I absolutely love learning about culture. I have unfortunately never had the opportunity to visit the places on my list that are overseas. In college, I had the opportunity to check the Grand Canyon off the list. I took a spring break trip to the Grand Canyon to volunteer with the National Park Service and I learned so much about the native culture of the area, and the views were unbelievable. I would love to go back again for a longer stay. 

    3️⃣ What is your usual workout routine? Where do you do it? How many times a week? Feel free to give as many details as you want!

      It has taken me years to refine my workout routine. Once I started law school, it became so important to have a regular routine because my academic schedule is a busy one, and it’s important to me that I don’t sacrifice my physical health. I actually follow Cassey’s monthly workout calendar from Blogilates, and do all of my workouts at home in my living room some time around either 6:30am or 7am depending on the day. The only real tweak I make to her calendar schedule is the rest day - I prefer to rest on Saturdays, and I usually take that day to do an intense stretching routine and ballet floor practice. Other than that, I stretch every day for at least 30 minutes to soothe my muscles and maintain my turnout and flexibility. So pretty much I’m doing some type of physical activity every day. 

      4️⃣ What's the best piece of advice you've ever received?

        Do it with passion or not at all. I can’t even tell you who gave me this advice, it was so long ago, but it’s stuck with me ever since. My interpretation of it has developed over time, too. I used to view this as give everything your all, even if it’s something you don’t want to do. Nowadays I view it as do what you’re passionate about and to use that passion as fuel. 

        5️⃣ What's your fave YOLO meal?

          Macaroni and cheese without a doubt. It’s such a comfort food for me. 

          6️⃣ What do you eat in a day?

          I’ve struggled with eating disorders in my past, and so what’s most important to me is to be sure I eat real, filling meals at least three times per day. I also avoid restrictive food trends and diets; it just isn’t mentally healthy for me to follow “food rules.” On a typical weekday, I’ll have a high protein breakfast and it’s usually an avocado and sunny side up eggs on a toasted wheat bagel. I’m usually on-the-go during lunch, so something quick like a prepared salad full of toppings is standard for me. Dinner is always a toss up, but a popular choice for me is quinoa with sweet potatoes and chicken. I mostly change up what I eat every day because I love to cook and try new recipes every week!

          7️⃣ What's one song you put on every workout playlist? Why?

            Back to Earth by Steve Aoki Ft. Fall Out Boy. Nothing pumps me up like this song. It’s the only song I’ll run to and I don’t even like running. 

            8️⃣ Who's your role model? Why?

            I thought about this for a while and it’s tough for me to boil it down to a single individual. I’m inspired by individuals who stand up for themselves and what they believe in, and I’m lucky to constantly be surrounded by professionals who create tangible change in the lives of the underrepresented. But I can say that one person I’ve admired for as long as I can remember is Misty Copeland. She is a trailblazer for women of color in professional ballet and uses her influence to promote diversity and equality. I deeply respect her journey and accomplishments. 

            9️⃣ What's one secret or hidden talent not many people know about you?

              I don’t think many people know that I act and used to work as an actor. I’ve been really wanting to get back into it. 

              🔟 How do you feel when you're wearing your POPFLEX?

                The first word that comes to mind is secure. I’m a bustier dancer than most, especially when it comes to ballet, and so it’s always challenging for me to find fitness clothes that can hold everything in place. I am genuinely impressed with POPFLEX because I can even wear the v-neck sports bras and still feel comfortable jumping around the studio. 

                1️⃣1️⃣ What one POPFLEX item can't you live without?

                  You can find me lounging in the Melt in Your Arms cardigan all winter long. It’s so incredibly warm and soft, making it perfect for this temperamental upstate New York weather. I also am just a big fan of the thumb holes. 

                  1️⃣2️⃣ How has being a POWERGIRL changed your life?

                    Being a POWERGIRL has truly inspired me to keep creating art that is meaningful to me. I’ve been so grateful for this opportunity. I get to plan shoots, get creative with locations and props, and it’s refreshing to create content for a community of such supportive and kind people. I’ve made meaningful connections with the other POWERGIRLS and Pop Pilates instructors while on this adventure. It’s actually what has encouraged me to finally take the leap and become Pop certified within the coming year.

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                    Make sure to follow Alex-Marie on Instagram at @a_mb & check back next week for our next POWERGIRL spotlight!! We can't wait!



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                    I never thought of someone having such a diverse career; ballerina lawyer brings me such joy and excitement and makes me feel inspired to chase my dreams even if they’re polar opposites!! Thank you Alex-Marie for sharing your story!!!

                    — Lexi

                    Yay! I love getting to know more about Alex Marie!!! You inspire me so much!

                    — Cassey