5 Scrunchie Inspired Workout Hair Styles

5 Scrunchie Inspired Workout Hair Styles

February 18, 2020

GUYS. We have good news!! Scrunchies are back - and in a BIG way. 🎉

Combining the beauty of a hair ribbon with the ease of a hair tie, scrunchies add a pop of color, look casual-yet-chic, and serve a crazy-functional purpose ALL at the same time!!

Wanna know why this is important?? We don't know about you, but feeling BEAUTIFUL while we work out MAJORLY helps us with confidence and even gives us the energy to finish those reps. Basically: look good, feel good, do good, right??? 😍 These scrunchie-inspired hairstyles are going to make you look and feel SO GOOD while you get your sweat on!!

1. Sleek Rolled Pony

To get this ~look~ you'll start by parting your hair at the front and rolling your hair back above each ear, folding it in on itself until you have a thick roll on each side. Then, just bring the two rolls together and secure with a low scrunchie!! Flip your hair and feel like a BOSS 💁‍♀️


Make this look your own with the Baby Daisy Scrunchie Set!!

2. Easy Statement Pony

This hairstyle really packs a punch--and it's SO EASY!! Gather all of your hair in a high pony at the crown of your head, and secure with a scrunchie.

BUT WAIT!!! Looking for that extra volume?? Three quick ideas: Try making an 'X' with two bobby pins just under the scrunchie to prop up your pony; 'stack' two or even three ponytails on top of each other for CRAZY length and volume; or take a few minutes to curl your hair for that extra-beautiful bounce 💞


We think this look would be especially gorgeous with these Romantic Scarf Scrunchies!! 

3. Ballerina Top Knot

Start by sweeping all of your hair up to the crown of your head. (Pro tip: flipping your head upside-down, gathering your hair, and then standing back up might help!!!) Secure your hair into a high pony with an elastic, or simply start twisting your hair into a long coil.

Then, twist it around into a little knot on the top of your head!!! Fasten with a BEAUTIFUL beribboned scrunchie! 🎀

Get the look with the Garden Goddess Scarf Scrunchies - SO sophisticated, don't you think?? 

4. Romantic Braided Chignon

Oh la la, this hairstyle is the EPITOME of classiness and sleek functionality ✨

Start by braiding back your hair on either side of your head, gathering your hair back above your ears. When you have your hair in two long braids, wrap them around each other above the nape of your neck to form a gorgeous twisted bun!!! Secure with a fun scrunchie and you're good to go!!!


We LOVE how the Baby Daisy Scrunchie Set really takes this look to another level! 

5. Mermaid Side Braid 🧜‍♀️

If you've got a lot of hair and you want to be practical AND make a GORGEOUS STATEMENT at the same time, this one's for you! First, gather all of your hair to one side of your head. Then, on that side, twist the front section of your hair away from your crown down to your ear. While you hold that twist, divide your hair into three thick locks--then braid them down to the tip!!! Secure with a scrunchie.

(Pro tip: go back after and pull out each braid a lil bit to make your hair look super full and healthy!!) 


We used the Baby Daisy Scrunchie Set here, but this look would simply shine with these Calm Breeze Scarf Scrunchies as well!! (So many choices!!!) 

Oh my goodness, we almost can't wait to exercise JUST so we can try each of these hairstyles out!! Just LOOK at how beautiful they all are: 


Each of these hairstyles keeps your hair out of your face while you're getting your sweat on but also looks FANTASTIC even after your workout!! Talk about the best of both worlds, right??? 💫

We can't decide where to start!! Which one do you want to try first??? 

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