Before a workout, it can seem like getting off the couch, putting your activewear on and starting that timer are the most impossible things ever.

But then—the magic happens. After you’ve gotten those endorphins rushing through you, you feel like you can take on the WORLD!!! 

Getting there can be rough. We’ll be real, sometimes we feel like we’ve tried EVERY strategy—sleeping in workout clothes, setting five alarms, meeting friends for workouts—and we still find ourselves struggling with the following situations ALL. THE. TIME. 

Do any of these sound familiar to you??

1. The hardest part of the workout is getting off the couch—until 30 seconds into the workout, of course :P 

 2. Seriously, though….I worked so hard, why don’t I look like it? 


3. Leggings + sweaty legs = really, really not a good situation!!!

4. So, what you’re telling me is that taking off my sports bra basically is an upper-body work-out, right???

5. Nothing is better — and worse — than learning the meaning of ‘it hurt so good’!!!

 6. I just keep having to tell myself that this is progress :) 

7. TRULY the worst thing that fitness lovers have to deal with (still have NO IDEA what the answer is) 

From activewear mishaps to crazy sore muscles to never-ending planks, working out is TRULY where the struggle gets real.

At least we’re all in this together! We know that when we’re really tired and just need a little push in the right direction, we can always find a smile and inspiring community at Blogicomics—you guys, both the comics and your comments are so, so relatable. 

Do you guys have any tips for getting through the hardest part of the workout—actually deciding to make it happen??


I loved how we can express what we feel every time we give our soul and heart in each class. I could laugh a lot with these calicatures. I closed my eyes and laughed out loud because every one of these things happens to me. I definitely loved it.

— Desiree

I have a sports bra that opens at the front :D

— Suzanne Link

I have such fine hair, I have to wash it daily, no matter what. The struggle with the sports bra is real. Why aren’t all of them front close? But, I find, the pain of working out fades quickly, the pain and stiffness when I don’t work out can last all day. I’d rather work out. As an older woman, I enjoy the mobility benefit.

— Katheryn A Thompson

OMG #7 10000000000% – I live this on a regular basis and my husband makes fun of me. I have curly hair. The struggle is so flipping real!

— Kristi Berlt