Shooting the cover of the debut POPFLEX Peony Garden Collection lookbook was a blast! Kylie's consciousness of her body, her lines, and her facial expressions made working with this professional ballerina so dynamic!

This is a snapshot of Cassey's actual inspiration board! It all starts with an idea...something you're obsessed with. Then it turns into a sketch...then a lot of time, love, and work. To finally see it on a real life model is so rewarding!

This spread brings serenity to mind. The periwinkle hues were inspired by the fairytale colors from Cinderella. 


Partner poses are not as easy and graceful as they look! It's all about the timing! But luckily, we were working with 2 very talented professional dancers! Our favorite thing about the photo is how Jacquelyn's foot is pointed at the perfect angle at Kylie's elbow. I mean, wow.

As Creative Director, Cassey envisioned a very editorial feel to our lookbook shoot. She wanted the sketches she drew to come to life alongside the things that inspired the whole collection. Ballerinas. Pointe shoes. Peonies. 

Letter from Cassey:


I am thrilled and honored to have you look through the debut collection of POPFLEX Active! My experience as a businesswoman and designer were tremendously tested in the creation of the Peony Collection. 

From an idea in my head, to a sketch in my book, to perfecting the exact degree of "oomph" that will go into our custom-made bra cups (that project alone took over a year and a half), to fit testing it on real women's bodies to make sure the clothing was secure (I asked them to do burpees!)... I am beyond proud of what you will be soon experiencing.

My goal with POPFLEX is to have the highest degree of quality at a price point that will not barricade women from enjoying top notch, high-tech fabrics and artistic design. So many said it was impossible. But for me, impossible is simply just a challenge.

We spent over a year traveling, studying, sourcing every single thread, trim, and piece of fabric you're going to feel so that we could be INDUSTRY-SHATTERING. And guess what? We found a way to make it work!

I REALLY hope you like the new POPFLEX Peony Collection!




Hope you enjoyed viewing our lookbook! Normally, we only send this out to boutique owners and buyers, but we wanted to share with you the photography from this shoot because it is SO AMAZING! What is your favorite piece from the collection? Comment below!


Cassey you did a fabulous job creating these! It has really made me want to get back in touch with my feminine side, which is important since I wear the US Air Force uniform all the time, which is the complete opposite of feminine. Once I have some more money in my clothing category for my budget, I definitely plan on getting somethings :) Keep up the awesome work… oh yeah, as auntie-aku said regarding the lack of Photoshopping happening in these pictures, thank you! Its nice to realize that these beautiful ladies are humans!

— Twinmama85

The colour combinations are so beautiful on tanned skin, which is perfect for me. The fitting is also really nice and snug. Can’t wait!

Proud of you Cassey!!

— Aidah

This is a minor thing, but I love the fact you can see the natural bulges that are formed when the models’ bodies are bent. I’ve seen fashion shoots where those have been photoshopped away. Still, even a fit dancer gets them, when they bend into positions like these.

My fave piece? I love the Pointe legging and the Goddess top. I hope they will still be for sale when I’m in a better economical situation. Right now — no way I can buy any new sports clothes.

— Auntie-Aku

What’s my favourite piece? OMG EVERYTHING! I love how it is so easy to see the reflection of your inspiration in every piece. The colours, the cut, I just hope it feels as amazing as it looks. I’m willing to give this a try.

P.S: Casse, you are an inspiration, not just in fitness but to girls like us who can’t wait to get our lines started too. Xoxo

— Hadiza