New year, new notebooks! Whatever your goals were for last year or are for this year, one thing's clear: It's time to keep on CRUSHING IT

So, how do you keep harnessing those good vibes?! Two words: bullet journaling. This hyper-aesthetic journaling technique makes documenting your progress a total art form and keeps you extra accountable. 

Interested?! Yeah, we thought so. 

What is bullet journaling?

Manon instagram
@dutch_dots: Manon's beautiful lettering and colorful layouts are elegant and fun, yet with a calming presence. 

Bullet journaling is a notebook-based system of SUPER organization that's taken the productivity world by storm over the past years. Through bullet journaling, you can track your goals, keep record of your ideas, see progress in real-time and have all of your plans and tasks in one place.

(They're also fun to look at - and can be really meditative and therapeutic to work on!) 

The ins and outs of bullet journaling can be as specific to you as you want - you could start with a really simple calendar layout, or add a tracker to help you build one habit. On the other hand, some people go all out with detailed, incredibly intricate spreads - it's all up to you! 

Wanna get started? Here's what you need to know:

1. Step One: Find stationery you absolutely LOVE. 

both journals

Let's be real: We're all way more likely to stick with something if we use irresistibly gorgeous tools, right?

Start with a notebook that you can't help but reach for, and your bullet journaling days will be much easier (and cuter)! 

For a bullet journal specifically, it's a good idea to start with a completely empty notebook. A dotted layout might help, or even one with lines or simple, subtle dates, depending on what would best help you: however, the idea is definitely to start with a blank canvas. 

2. Step Two: Think about what layout will work for YOU. 

journal centerfold

The best thing about a bullet journal is how customizable it is. You get to set it up so you know you'll get the most out of every single page! 

Take some time before you start filling out your bullet journal to brainstorm lists and layouts that will make it feel fun for YOU. Need some help getting started? Here are some of our fave page ideas: 

  • Daily Page
  • Weekly Spread
  • Week at a Glance
  • Healthy Habit Tracker
  • Goal Progress Chart
  • Workouts Completed

sera instagram

@seras.bullet.journal: Sera's fun approach to journaling includes creative doodles, calligraphy, and more! 

  • Spending (or Savings) Tracker
  • Meal Planner
  • Grocery List
  • Mood Tracker
  • Motivational Quote Page
  • Movies to Watch
  • Books to Read

...and anything else that might feel fun and valuable to you! 

3. Step Three: Give yourself time to set it up. 

markers caps

It can definitely take some time to set up a bullet journal properly - from figuring out which layouts you want to include, to carefully drawing the lines that will make up your various trackers and calendar pages. Don't rush it! Enjoy the setup time; it'll make your bullet journal all the more inspirational to use later, when you're filling out the lists and trackers as you work towards your goals. 

If you're looking for a fun, friendly guide to help you through the setup process, head over to YouTube and check out AmandaRachLee's channel - we love her Plan With Me videos! 

4. Step Four. Set yourself up for success. 

gel pens

Now's a great time to use the gorgeous pens that you've been excited to pull out! When you're putting together your bullet journal, consider ways to make the first couple of weeks that you're using it easier. 

Amiza instagram

@amizaomar: Looking for something a little bit more minimalist? Amiza's modern layouts might be just the thing you need. 

Perhaps make one of your initial goals a simple one, one that it'll be fun to track - maybe a movie marathon, or some fun new breakfast recipe ideas you've wanted to try! You can also pepper the first pages of your bullet journal spread with inspirational, motivational quotes! 

Looking for more ways to get excited? Follow bullet journal artists on Insta (we've got your back for those - keep reading!) as well as other fitness superstars to help you keep on track with your goals! 

5. Step Five: Use your bullet journal!

open journal

It can be easy to spend time and effort making your journal - and then feel like it's too pretty to actually use! Don't do this! Put your bullet journal in a place in your home that you use often, leave your pens by it, and even set reminders in your phone for the first couple of days to fill it out - until it's a habit, that is. 

Researchers say that it takes people an average of 66 days to fully form a new habit - so don't worry if you forget a day here or there! The main thing is to enjoy the process. Get excited every time you start a new line, fill in a new tracker, or flip to a new page! 

Interested in the motivational, beautiful journals we've featured here? Our 2021 stationery collection is here - get your year in gear with these gorgeous, high-quality notebooks and rainbow pens! 

Here's one last Insta bullet journal artist for inspiration: 

Kalon instagram

@nohnoh.studies: Kalon's bullet journal is decorated with fun cartoon illustrations and rainbow color scapes - it'll make you happy just looking at it! 


And that's it! Are you gonna make this year the one you start bullet journaling? What habits or goals are you planning on tracking?

Let us know in the comments! Good luck with your new journaling adventure!