Raise your hand if you got a planner for Christmas - or have a brand-new calendar or journal that's just sitting there, all empty and perfect, waiting for the new year?

🙋‍♀️ We've got one! And, guys, we've got good news: You don't have to wait until after January begins to start goal setting and using your planners. IN FACT, you'll probably want to take a few hours before we say goodbye to 2020 to prepare for 2021...and, with our new 2021 Fit Planner, that's exactly what you can do! 

Think about it: Before you start any new project, you need to take a minute to plan, right? 2021 is here, and it's time to keep crushing our goals. If we take a minute to reflect on who we are and what goals we're tackling, we'll be able to put ourselves in a really good place to make our dreams happen in the months ahead. 

Are you ready? Grab your planner, some fun markers or colorful pens, and let's dive in! 

1. Get excited about the year ahead. 

mood board 2021

Okay, okay - we're all excited to put 2020 in the rear-view window; but that doesn't necessarily mean the same thing as being pumped for 2021! 

Think about the twelve months ahead of you. Are they a blank slate? Do you have some long-term dreams coming true in the upcoming weeks - or a milestone looming that you've been working towards for a long time? 

Even if there's not anything specific that you have coming up, take a moment to daydream about what you'd like to see happen in the new year! Pro tip: Putting together a mood board can be a super fun and artistic way to help celebrate the old year and bring in the new! 

2. Think about who you are now and where you're coming from.

Did you keep a planner in 2020? (We know - it wasn't exactly an easy year to plan!) If you did, now's a great time to take it out and leaf through it. 

Think through a few reflection questions. (Drink some tea, grab a journal, talk with a friend - whatever's the best way for you to process the last year!) Here are a few that we're pondering as we get ready to flip the calendar to January: 

  • Which of my habits really worked well for me in 2020? 
  • Even amidst the craziness of this year, were there moments in which I felt calm? Days during which I felt most like me? What was different about those days? 
  • What were some of the biggest changes that came about in my life in 2020? 

That last question is especially important for this year, when so many of us experienced so much in just twelve months. Later, you're going to want to remember what this year felt like. Breathe it in, write it down - then get ready to move on.

3. Dig deep within yourself. What are your best goals for 2021?

January fit planner

Wanna really get the inside scoop on spectacular goal-setting? Kiara, one of our 2021 POPFLEX POWERGIRLS, wrote an amazing blog post in mid-2020 about capturing goals that truly speak to who you are (and what you'll be able to realistically get done). 

Challenge yourself to come up with super-specific, actionable goals that make your heart happy. Make sure that they have an end point in mind - and that you're excited to do anything it takes to move towards that goal! 

4. Grab your pencil. It's time to start writing!


Now's your chance to use your most fun pens or markers; now's when you DEFINITELY should take advantage of the fun stickers we offer with the 2021 Fit Planner! 

It's a good idea to start by moving any important dates or tasks that you had noted in the back of last year's planner (or in any other location) to your 2021 planner. Once you've done that, feel yourself relax, sigh with relief - it'll feel SO GOOD to have all of your info in one beautiful place instead of scattered everywhere or scribbled in margins! 

Then, take time to go through the first few pages of your Fit Planner. Write down your carefully-chosen goals; select a few motivational quotes to bring you inspiration and joy; and note your baseline statistics, so you can watch them change over the course of the year! 

5. Look at those first few days of early January. What will your future self need to crush it then? 

January prep page

Now's when we start getting the chance to make the magic really happen! 

After you've done your prep work, deciding the goals that you're excited to tackle in 2021 and setting up the first pages of your Fit Planner, just take a quick glance at the first week of the new year. 

Is there anything you'll need then to be successful that you could get done now? 

Taking just a few minutes to meal prep, download a fitness app, or even making sure that your workout gear is ready to go will make ALL the difference when it's time to start making your dreams happen in just a few days! 

orange planner

Pick up a 2021 Fit Planner today to crush your healthy+happy goals in style! Run, don't walk - they're going fast!