Ready Set Glow Gallon Bottle Bag - Black


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Waterbottle bag, but make it a luxe crossbody…or even a backpack thanks to its innovative straps. The Ready Set Glow Gallon bottle bag perfectly fits your 1 gallon (128 fl oz) jug and features a key ring clip, easy access phone pocket, and a secure zipper pocket.
Features + Fit

• Thick and luxurious neoprene material
• Key ring clip so you never lose your keys
• Phone pocket
• Adjustable shoulder strap
• Zippered pocket

This bag was designed for the Ready Set Glow Gallon Timer Bottle, however, it can fit bottles with the following specs:
• Bottle Base: 6.25" (15.9 cm)
• Total Bottle Height: 12" (30 cm)

Model Info
Materials + Care

Exterior: Neoprene

Care: Wipe clean with a damp cloth

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Cute but wish it didn’t have hole in bacj

I’d love this if it didn’t have the large hole for the handle of the water bottle!!!

Straps & Loops need to be stronger!

As soon as I got this I tested it out by filling it up and using it as a backpack for my 4 mile walk. The straps are uncomfortable to use as a backpack after 15 mins and the loops that hold the strap started to become frayed!! I think this is due to the weight of the bottle. I’m upset by this but still want to use it to get my money’s worth, so I don’t use the strap but instead carry it around with the handle.

lauren weber
Mostly amazing

the fruit infuser cartridge is pretty hard to remove from the bottle, but otherwise the bottle is great. The bag that I bought however has backpack loops for the strap to turn the bag into a backpack (that's the only reason I bought it) but I've used the bag for maybe two weeks now and the loops that put it into backpack mode are already starting to fray and come apart. I am imagining that this is from the weight of the water bottle, so that's unfortunate.

I love it!

Almost perfect concept. I just wish it don’t have a hole in the back. The bottle would be more secure and I could slip more things in the bag as well.

Love it!

I love it but I do wish that you made one for your half gallon stainless steel bottles! I know Cassie is great at listening to us so I hope y’all take this into consideration.