Super 90 Day Journal


This Super 90 Day Journal edition is bigger than our original version, designed with more writing space, thoughtful recaps, and full page spreads for each day of your journey. 

With double the space, you can now focus a little more on reflection, notes, and journaling in addition to your daily workouts and meals.

For those of you who love to get every day’s detail in, this one’s for you.

Why the 90 Day Journal?

When Cassey embarked on her 90 Day Journey, she didn’t know what the end of the journey would look like, but she knew that it didn’t matter. What mattered was the journey itself. She promised not to take a single day for granted and instead, focused on finding joy through every part of the experience.

Journaling gave Cassey the opportunity to meditate on her new transformation. She got in the best mental and physical shape of her life in those 90 days and it wouldn’t have been possible without the ability to keep her thoughts and progress in one place. 

What started as empty pages in a notebook turned into this exact 90 Day Journal. Every single aspect of this journal has been thoughtfully designed so that you, too, can experience your own powerful and unapologetic transformation. 

Are you ready? Let’s go! 

    Features + Fit

    • 90-day progress chart
    • 90-day fill-in-the-blank workout planner
    • Daily tracking for mood, workout, food, and sleep
    • Weekly progress charts
    • Weekly grocery lists
    • Weekly dividers for easy referencing, NEW for the Super 90 Day Journal:

    • 90 daily dedicated full page spreads
    • Diary Space: dedicated daily space for journaling and reflection
    •12 full page spreads for your weekly recaps
    • Overall more space for more notes!
    • 254 pages
    • Hardcover
    • Spiral bound
    • Thick, high quality paper
    • 7” (18 cm) H x 6 1/8” (41 cm) W

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 87 reviews
    Loving the design!!

    The Popflex team really takes their time making these and the planners they are just so beautifully designed 😍

    Cleo Hedin

    It says ”Nurtriton Recap” at the bottom of every left page, you can even see it in the pictures above - is this a typo?🤣 Some graphic designer on the team must have dyslexia🤣🤣 besides that I love the planner, it’s a little small though and I wish there was more space to write out your work out, I like putting all my sets and reps and stuff like that. But super pretty and keeps me organized

    Oh, thank you for pointing that out. We will have this looked into.

    Kat G.
    Excited & Nervous for the journey!

    I’ve flipped through the journal and want to be super intentional when I start. I’m hoping Cassey will post tips and tricks before the New Year (maybe she has and I need to do a deep dive on SM) as I plan to start in the beginning of 2023. It’s smaller than I thought but great for keeping in my bag so it’s a pro/con. My photo is with old planner I thought it would be more similar to in size.

    Definitely an upgrade !!

    I like this one. I had the regular 90 day journal, but this one is definitely an upgrade. It has even more space to journal, write down meals, and workouts.
    It's also a great gift to give someone who wants to start working out, or is getting back to it.
    I love it so much !!

    Really good, but I have some ideas for future improvements

    This journal is very well laid out and pretty, and you can also tell that a lot of effort has been put into it. However, I do have some ideas for future improvements:

    1. I would love it if there was an option for one that is just to become happier and healthier rather than to lose/gain weight. For example it would be great if there was a page full of workout ideas instead of taking measurements of your body.

    2. It would be good if there was a tracker for how many pieces of fruit and veg you have each day

    3. Slightly less fixation on calories, how many grams of fat, protein, cards etc, and instead focusing on eating a rainbow of fruit and veggies and making sure that you are eating protein, carbs, fruit or veg, and healthy fats with each meal.

    These are just some suggestions and I would love it if they were added to (hopefully) another version of the 90 day journal ❤️

    Such thoughtful feedback! Thank you for taking the time to review.