Guys, we made it. It's midway through May and summer is JUST around the corner. It's fair to say that spring was definitely just a lil bit different than any of us imagined right!??! 😳

Between the global stress we've all been under, stay-at-home orders, and navigating work and school and LIFE amidst all the's certainly been one for the books!!! Maybe it's just us, but even as we've gotten used to the new norm of social distancing, it's been CRAZY to look back at what we've actually lived each day. (2020. Seriously, who knew?!!?)

Now that some are seeing a light at the end of the (quarantine) tunnel, let's take a sec to look back on the day-to-day reality of this TRULY crazy time. 

1. Our at-home athleisure looks were NEVER more on-point than early 2020: 



2. People with partners got WAY more time together than expected: 




3. We planned out EPIC snacks for quarantine feasts that we totally nibbled at as planned: 



4. We turned to at-home workouts to beat the 'quarantine 15'...much to the chagrin of our neighbors. 🥺 😢



5. Our motivation to get things done took a nose-dive somewhere around the millionth day of lockdown: 



6. We all became Pinterest-worthy bakers EXTRAORDINAIRE. 🧁 💁‍♀️



7. We realized the TREASURE that is a healthy stock of TP!!!! (Who knew that would be THE commodity of early 2020!?!) 🧻 🙌





Seriously....2020, let's try again. 🤪

While we know that we're not out of the woods yet, it's important that we realize what we've lived through already...even as we get ready to stay safe through WHATEVER the 'new norm' of Summer 2020 looks like!! 😷 ✌️💫

What are you guys going to remember from 2020's social distancing era?!!?!?


Aww these cartoons are so cute and relatable!!

— Elizabeth Kim