Ahhhh guys!! Can you believe it's SEPTEMBER??? This year has flown by, and suddenly we're waking up to cooler temperatures, welcoming back pumpkin spice lattes, and feeling that holiday thrill just around the corner.

We're LOVING that crisp freshness in the air, and we're excited to dive in to the last quarter of the year with our goals in mind. If you're looking for ways to stay active as the leaves turn red and the temperature bottoms out, look no further. 

Here are the fall-themed workouts we're excited to ~dig into~ as we welcome September!!! We're all gonna feel SO chill, SO relaxed, and SO ready to take on winter by the end of this season! 🤩

1. It's fall? Time for a PUMPKIN. THEMED. WORKOUT. 🎃

(It's almost too perfect, right!?) Jumpstart the season with some fall-themed strength training and cardio!!

As an extra perk, you can EAT the pumpkin after you work out!!! (How often can you say that about your workout gear??) Tbh, cutting a pumpkin is a workout in and of itself.....so reward yourself with Cassey's own recipes for healthy pumpkin pie, pumpkin mug cake and a bomb pumpkin spice latte when you're done!!! 

2. Try trail running.

trail running fall fitness

Cool weather, beautiful changing leaves…even if you’re not a runner, fall can be the perfect time to step outdoors for some quick cardio.

Trail running, specifically, is a POWERHOUSE for improving balance and coordination. (You've gotta watch where you step, right?!) You'll see SO MANY beautiful leaves at this time of year - the PERFECT backdrop for getting in some quick fitness time with nature. 🍁 👟 

3. Try doing your yoga or Pilates outside.

outdoor yoga

Many of us have gotten used to home workouts by now. This month, try a super-simple shift: Just go outside!!! You don't need a ton of room...a patio or a driveway would TOTALLY work. In just a few months, it'll be crazy-cold and we'll be stuck indoors. Take advantage of the beautiful cool weather of fall while you can!!! Plus, there's something meditative about doing your yoga asanas or Pilates exercises to the sounds of leaves rustling and birds chirping. 🧘‍♀️

Even just going outside for a quick sunrise stretch or sunset yoga can completely change your day and make you feel like new. 💛

4. Prepare for a virtual Turkey Trot or other holiday-themed fitness event with your family and friends. 🏃‍♀️

fall virtual race

Community races might look a little different this year. However, many cities are holding virtual events - there's also a national one happening this year (you can register here!!). You could even put one together yourself by comparing times against your friends and family!!! Staying fit and keeping in touch with our people is SO important. Preparing for a race together could be just the thing you need! 💫

5. Reset & work on your flexibility goals!

start something new

Is it just us, or does it feel like fall is for renewal? We’ve always felt that the fall is kinda another new year??? That makes ~right now~ a PERFECT time to pick a goal or two to work towards as the temperature drops. 

We love the idea of making Fall 2020 the season of STRETCHING (this would feel sooooo good before we all get ready to burrow down in comfort this winter!!). Wondering how to get started? Maybe this is the fall you get serious about the splits! Cassey also has SUPER helpful videos for stretches to reduce stress...which, let's be real, we could all use a little bit of self-care and stress-free exercise these days!!!

When the holidays roll around, you'll be SO GLAD you started NOW.

Staying fit is a constant journey, you guys. Don't wait until the beginning of the year to start your goals - start now!! You'll be SO happy you took advantage of fall fitness later on!!

What are you feeling this fall?