OMG, Halloween is LESS THAN 1 week away! Do you have a costume yet!??


If not, no worries! The Blogifam got together and thought up some easy, last minute costume ideas using clothes that you may already have on hand along with some fun and inexpensive accessories!

#1 - Forest Fitness Fairy

Bibbidi-bobbidi-boo! Is that...your fairy godmother?

Pair your Periwinkle Goddess Top and Snow White Pointe Leggings like Lexi did here to create this enchanting outfit. Don't forget your giant fairy wings, flower crown, and wand! 


Rubie's Costume Co Blue Fairy Wings

Valdler Lily Flower Crown

Sorcerer's Wand


#2 - Sleek 'n Sneaky Kitty 

She's quiet as a ghost...sneaking around under the full better watch your back because it's Cassey Cat! 

To create your cat costume, start with a tight black top and black leggings. We used the  Nightfall Siren Tank and the Nightfall Pointe Leggings. Then accessorize with cat ears and a tail!

Oh but don't forget the finishing touch...draw on your whiskers, nose, sleek cat eyes with a TON of eyeliner, and finish with a bright red lip to tie it all together. 


Lace Cat Ears Headband

Deluxe Oversized Kitty Tail

#3 - Mystical Unicorn 

What do we have here? It seems that we have stumbled across a rare mystical creature!


The Mermaid Criss Cross Crop and Mermaid Draw the Line Leggings couldn't have been more perfect for Leslie's unicorn getup. The pattern is just so colorful and well, unicorny!!! We were so lucky to find this cool wig which came with the horn attached already! And that tail is actually a "My Little Pony" tail! Oh, childhood!


Women's Unicorn Fairy Wig

My Little Pony Pinkie Pie Clip On Tail

We had SO MUCH FUN doing this photoshoot! We even played specific music for each person's turn to help them get in character. Cassey had "Memory" from Cats the Musical on blast to help her feel all feliney!

Big thanks to Leslie for going above and beyond in photoshopping in the backgrounds!! We all started DYING when we saw the unicorn pics. Here's another one just for giggles:

And if you were wondering how Cassey's tail stayed up like that...she had a little help from a magical friend...

Have a very safe and Happy Halloween everyone! Comment below on your FAVORITE costume!! Who killed it best!?