Crisscross Hourglass Legging™ with Pockets - Black


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Our fan-favorite Ultimate Hourglass Legging just got a new name. Meet the Crisscross Hourglass Legging™. We took our popular crisscross hourglass enhancing V cut waistband and paired it with our new seam-free front panel for the ultimate anti-cameltoe fit! And as if it couldn't get any better, there are super deep pockets.

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Marilyn Lutheran
Buyers remorse

I ordered these for my sister for my little sister but have remove. She specifically wanted this brand with pockets and they where finally in stock so I ordered before they sold out again. You charged me state tax when I live in Pennsylvania and we don’t pay taxes on clothing which is why our taxes are extremely high so I’m owed a refund for that additional 5 dollars you charged me. Leggings are clothing. Also reading some of the comments has given me a quality concern. I feel like I should have payed the difference because by the time I pay taxes and shipping (10 dollars for shipping!) I could have went with a better quality product with pockets that is easier to exchange as well that waives shipping like lulumon or athleta. My sister wanted these however but reading some of the reviews I feel like I should have forced one of those other brands on her instead. Also your always out of stock. Too often.

Cat D.

I bought these a while ago, really trying to put them through their paces and give them the benefit of the doubt. I have a few other popflex leggings that I LOVE, but honestly these miss the mark. First, the fabric attracts every bit of pet hair, dust, fuzzies, everything. They look dirty immediately after I put them on. I really dislike the fabric, I miss the fabric from the Terrain and Sugar Plum collections. Second, to say these are compressive is an understatement! I always size up for leggings but I feel like I should’ve sized up two. They are soooo tight! Three, for me personally, I’m not a big fan of the crisscross waist (this is my first time trying it). I know a lot of people like it, but the top kept rolling and I constantly had to pull these up during my workout. I’ll stick to the straight waist, but I’m glad I tried it at least.
I’m giving these an extra star for the anti cameltoe, that feature works very well!
I really like popflex but these missed the mark for me. I miss the designs of Terrain and Sugar Plum!

Ella M
Great black leggings

Love these leggings and definitely use them as a staple in my closet. However, as some other reviews have mentioned, they are COMPRESSIVE in all caps. Definitely would have sized up a size or two had I known. Still, amazing quality and texture. Would buy again!

Ella Andrews
Not all sizes are created equal

I was super excited when these came out as I had the original hourglass black leggings and they were my absolute fave!! Pulling these bad boys on, well...let's just say it reminded me of the time I tried to pull on a pair of Spanx. They were definitely compressive. VERY much so. I started to wonder if I had ordered the wrong size, the mediums I had before fit great, as well as several other PopFlex leggings. These got on, and I wore them to several classes but I finally pulled out my old ones and did a comparison. Yup. There is definitely a difference there. Now, that could be unfair...both pairs have been worn and washed several times, still, it is quite a large difference between the two. I guess I'll put these into a pile for the day I drop another 10 pounds because they just don't fit as is. I know PopFlex is working on their sizing, and to that I say, bravo. These were not up to par. I LOVE the pockets! This fabric is flat and matte compared to the originals that had a bit of sheen to them. Not sure if I like or dislike, but I can say the matte fabric seems to collect hair much more.

Comfortable by Rolls

Got a M, my usual size in PopFlex and other leggings.
Love these, so comfortable and they look amazing, I've received so many compliments about these leggings. I wish they didn't roll down, but maybe with some weight-loss, it'll help. Love the criss-cross band!