It can be a STRUGGLE trying to get your work-out done at home!! 😅 Sometimes, it just seems like 'real' gyms have the stuff you need...and home doesn't, you know? 

We're still HUGE fans of the at-home workout. It's totally possible to sweat up a storm without any equipment at all (#cleaningiscardio, right??). Seriously though, there are THOUSANDS of at-home, apartment-friendly workout moves you can do without anything other than your cute self!! 💁‍♀️ 💫

However, we've found that there are just a few things that might make at least wanting to jump into an at-home workout maybe a little bit easier (or prettier!). Without further ado, here are our choices for at-home workout essentials:

1. Vegan Suede Yoga Mat

You guys this is a no brainer. Hardwood floors - even carpets - just don't cut it for home workouts!! Our vegan suede yoga mats are superrrrr soft & thick, and basically feel like pillows on your hands, knees and back. Oh and cause we all know you can get REAL SWEATY even at home - these mats are sweat-wicking and will stay grippy even for your whole workout!

Happy Girls Vegan Suede Yoga Mat - $56 from POPFLEX Active

2. Resistance Bands

Looking for an easy way to make your at-home Pilates or yoga practice just a lil bit more challenging?? 😜 Resistance bands might be just the thing you need! Our fave is this resistance band set


Resistance Loop Exercise Bands - $17.99 from Fit Simplify

3. Yoga Blocks

Yoga blocks can help you keep proper form during your workouts and even help you access more challenging postures. In other words: when you can't quite reach the ground, sometimes the ground has to come to you!! 😂 We love these blocks because they're so versatile and help keep you safe as you work through ever more challenging workouts! This block is gorgeous, and we love that it's made out of recycled foam!!! 🌎✌️


Recycled Foam Yoga Block - $16 from Manduka Yoga

4. Grippy Socks 🧦

If you've ever tried to get a good workout in while wearing socks on a wood or tiled floor, you know that the struggle is real!! Sometimes, wearing shoes inside just isn't going to cut it, and jumping around your yoga mat can be super slippery. We love these gripper socks for at-home workout safety...although, let's be real, we also love slip-sliding around our floors....just not when we're trying to work out!!!


Women's Gripper Ankle Socks - $14 from Bombas

5. Alpine Legging

These super-soft, high-waisted leggings have a CRUCIAL feature built in: they're anti-camel toe with unique double seams pulling the fabric in all the right places!!! These leggings are just what you need for a flattering and frustration-free home workout sesh! 

Alpine Legging - $50 from POPFLEX Active

6. A Planner or Great Notebook 📒

If you're anything like us, you may have carved out some time to work out, gotten yourself all geared up and ready, and then realized that you weren't quite sure what to do. Should you run again? What workout would REALLY be best today?? Wait...Are your arms still sore from yesterday? (What day is it again???) 🤪

By using a notebook or planner, you can strategize and schedule your workouts for optimal fitness results!! Even though we're sold out right now, we typically have several different fitness journals!! Our 90 Day Planner should be coming out soon!! 🥰

In the meantime, we love this notebook for planning, doodling, journalling and more!!!


Eucalyptus Notebook - $16 from Erin Condren

7. Light Weights 

Do you need weights to complete a great workout? Of course not!!! Body weight workouts are more than enough to keep you occupied. 

However, having a set of weights on hand can offer a convenient way to add that extra edge to a workout when you feel like challenging yourself. You can always use cans or bottles from your pantry, but there's something about having dedicated, pretty tools that always helps us get in the mood to work! ✨

If you've been loving the rainbow weights Cassey has in her pictures, these are very similar!!! 


All in Motion Hand Weights - Price Varies Per Weight, from Target

8. A Gigantic Water Bottle 🌊

Do you know how much water you're drinking each day!?!? Recommendations vary from eight 8-oz glasses of water to an ounce for each pound of bodyweight...DAILY. 

Either way, it's a LOT. 😳 If you're working out, your water intake needs to skyrocket so you don't get dehydrated! One easy way to help ensure that you're getting the liquids you need is to tote around a water bottle with you at all times. 


Cotton Candy 40 Ounce Water Bottle - $25 from POPFLEX Active

9. Cordless Earbuds

Have you ever started working out with corded earbuds in and managed to painfully wrench your earbuds out of your ear JUST when you've gotten in the groove!?!? Literally SO frustrating. Especially when you're doing at-home Pilates, quick cardio workouts or other intense bodyweight movements, sometimes having extra cords in the way just isn't going to cut it.

We love these Bluetooth earbuds because they're economical, tiny, waterproof, and have a crazy-long battery life!! 


Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds - $39.99 from TOZO

10. Foam Roller

If you have sore muscles and joints, foam rolling can change your life. We love foam rollers because they can be a great part of a challenging at-home workout as well as a crucial tool for recovery!!!

We love this grooved foam roller because it it comes in a variety of vibrant colors and features a space-saving, smaller shape! 


Foam Roller - $32.99 from TriggerPoint

And there you have it! What you'll need will be unique to you and your specific goals. These ten workout tools are just the things we've found helpful for our at-home living room gyms!!!

What at-home workouts are you guys getting into these days!? 


When will your yoga mats and water bottles be restocked?

— Catherine Lee

Any idea when more yoga mats will become available for purchase?

— Carrie Covarrubias