Meet the TERRAIN collection!!! 🌿🌳🍂

Meet the TERRAIN collection!!! 🌿🌳🍂

April 22, 2020 1 Comment

GUYS. Amid everything that's happening, we wanted to give you tools to look good, feel good, and do today we're sharing with you our best collection yet, Terrain!

Models: Alex-Marie, Jess, Natasha & Erin

From its earth-toned colors to its effortless silhouettes, everything you’ll find in this new collection is designed to bring you closer to nature. 🌿🌳😍

With everything about this collection, we've listened to YOU. With our latest, most eco-friendly collection, we're excited to debut some incredibly powerful and inspirational extra features to help you feel beautiful in your own skin! 💛 ✨


Models: Marissa, Alex-Marie and Erin*

Wondering what makes Terrain so special? Before we get to the outfits, we have some exciting new features to discuss: 

  • The bags that the clothes are packed in are made from...CORN. Yes!!! Seriously! 🌽 These veggie-based bags made predominantly from corn decompose in just 180 days!!! Regular plastic bags take over 1000 years! 😱
  • The hang-tags are made from recycled paper.
  • The sports bras and leggings are all cut from our new StretchSilk fabric. Expect a lightweight, slick, and body-contouring fit.
  • THE SIZING FITS JUST RIGHT. Terrain Collection features all inclusive sizing from XS-3X or 0-22! Once you get your package, check out the size label. There's a little surprise in there for you!
  • Every purchase you make of Terrain Collection will go towards Direct Relief in order to help those battling COVID-19. Those most in need of food, masks, or medical aid will be supported by you, as 10% of all sales on the Terrain Collection from April 22 - April 28th will be donated to Direct Relief! We may be a little business but we want to do what we can to help on a global level! 🌎 💛

AANNNNDDDD...this launch is also EXTRA special because we worked with our 2019 POWERGIRLS to model the pieces back at our retreat in Big Bear, CA.

WITHOUT FURTHER ADO...we give you: Terrain Collection!

Alpine Bra & Legging in Evergreen

Model: Jess

Get the look (here)! 

Wander Bra & Shorts in Granite

Model: Alex-Marie

Yup. That's a biker short 😍. Get the look (here)! 

Canyon Crop (Reversible) in Black


Model: Courtney

Get the look (here)! 

Gulch Bra & Legging in Clay


Model: Natasha

Get the look (here)! 

Cascade Tank in Slate


Model: Gabriela

Get the look (here)! 

Morning Dew Bra & Legging in Moss 

Model: Marissa

Get the look (here)! 

And there you have it! Aren't the new pieces gorgeous? And a HUGE thanks to our 2019 POWERGIRLS to help make the pieces shine. 💫

Here's a quick note from Cassey: 

"When I was designing the Terrain Collection, I wanted you to feel the magnificence of the great outdoors in your body. I wanted you to feel the mountain breeze in your hair, smell the evergreen leaves brush past you, and hear the sound of a hidden brook right beyond your trail path. I'm going to be SO EXCITED to see all of you in your beautiful new pieces!!!"

*Models measurements & sizes are listed on the product pages.

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Jyotsana Gupta
Jyotsana Gupta

May 14, 2020

Hi Cassey,

Your designs look really good. Could you please add work-out tops that cover the mid-riff too?

With regards,

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