I filmed one Pilates video and posted it to YouTube back in 2009, and had no idea that one day it would lead me back to my childhood dreams of becoming a fashion designer and running the company of my dreams, 13 years later.


There have been many ups and downs on my entrepreneurial journey, but it's the lowest points of my career that have taught me the most. One day, I will tell you all of the stories. But let's just say that when you don't surround yourself with the right people, you crumble, you lose your backbone, you lose your confidence, you lose your happiness, and you lose yourself. I really thought I wasn't made out for any of this. But turns out, I was just surrounded by the wrong people.

Building a team is THE hardest part of running a business. And I'm not just talking about finding talented people. I am talking about finding people who not only love what they do but also care about the people they work with. It took a LOOONGGGGG time, but today, I feel so grateful to get to work alongside some of the most creative, the most hard-working, and the kindest humans on the planet! I mean it. I am filled with passion, new ideas, and laughter daily because I am surrounded by the right people who make this job a joy.

Can you believe our team has DOUBLED since our 2021 retreat!?


In the coming months, I want to introduce you to the incredible people that make up the Blogifam. We're a small bunch, but we're full of passion, full of grit, and ready to do anything to make you guys happy. I have so much respect and love for each member of the team, and I hope you enjoy getting to know each person.


So, I want to know...which area of the brands and businesses are you most curious about? Let me know in the comments!

❤️ Cassey 


Hi Cassey! I am super curious about maybe a day in the life of u or any of the popflex fam. Btw u guys r great, keep on killing it! ❤

— Dara

Loved your post Cassey.

Such an inspiration.

FL 💜


I love you so much Cassey; I’ve been working out with you for about 10 years, you make workouts fun. Anyways my favorite things are you designs of mat’s and water bottles and the workout clothes keep up the great work. See you tomorrow on the App. From Alabama Gail

— Gail Vann

Hey Cassie! So I wanna know. How do you design your clothes? Like what’s the process? How did you get to where you are today through popflex?

— Abigail D

Design team! Would love to know more about their background and how you come up with the concepts for each collection.

— Joy Murphy

That dog is adorable!! I love your designs so much!!! ❤️ You ✨slay✨

— Vanessa

I LOVE POPFLEX – I found this company from the shorts that were posted about the quality of the leggings and the onesie and I just thought ‘hey why not try these out’ and omg I can’t get enough. The quality, the bright pure colors, the innovated designs always have my interest and wanting more and feeling fly why I workout! As a designer I also love the emails you all send out – also very engaging Just wanted to say how inspiring you all are and thank you for making my clothes and workout gear feel so personal!

— Mia Seelos

It would be a dream come true to one day be a part of this team 🤍🤍

— Chandice