Hey Popsters!!

This summer, we are going to start working on a project that has been near and dear to Cassey's heart and we are SO EXCITED!! This project is super important to us because it's all about...YOU GUYS!!! We want to show the world exactly who you are and what makes you all so unique and amazing!

The goal of our project is to celebrate all the beautiful types of bodies that make up our community. We know you all have an amazing story to share, and we want to give you a platform to do it! This inspirational video will be seen by women all over the world whose confidence will be lifted by seeing your realness, your beauty, and your vulnerability. It will be debuted on the Blogilates YouTube channel as well as on the Blogilates and POPFLEX Instagrams.

No matter what body type, shape, size, height, weight, or ethnicity you represent - we want you to be a part of this inspirational project!

We are holding a popster 👉casting call👈 RIGHT NOW! Ideally you're located near in LA or can get yourself here somehow :) Oh and YES there is compensation.

Please make sure you read the form carefully before you submit so we can get to know you better!

Good luck, everyone! ⭐️



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— LarryZA

This is such an amazing opportunity but as of now I don’t have US visa to travel to the US, so I can’t be part of this but I’m so glad it’s happening and I’ll be watching the videos when they are out and I think it’s awesome that Cassey is doing this. Cassey has helped me become so much stronger and healthier, not just in my body but also my mind

— Tasneem Abbas

Thank you for your efforts to put an end to negative body image and for celebrating people for who they are and not how they look. You da bomb!!

— Allie Stevens

I would be SO down, but I’m currently deployed. My roomates and myself work out to your videos all the time!! Just so you know I brought you to Europe and you’re really helping us out with our PT scores!

— Kimberly Ungarsky

This sounds so empowering! I hope I can participate. I’ve struggled my whole life with my size and weight, and not in a way that there is a lot of support. In our present day, there are countless support groups and body positive movements for women who are larger than your typical model. But what about support for those who are smaller? I cannot count the times where someone has deemed me insignificant, weak, or limited just because of my height and weight… Too often people look at me and don’t see a “real woman”. I hope one day I can show them all just how strong and significant I can be despite my size!

— El

Hi, this looks really fun!! I was just wondering if there would be an opportunity for some of your East Coast Popsters?

— Hayley

This is such a great idea!! Love you Cassey and Popflex ❤❤❤

— Praveena

This is an amazing idea!! I hope I get to participate but even if I am not, I know its going to life changing for me to see all these beautiful women loving themselves.

— Melissa Rojas