Guys. It is hot out there!!! No matter what your summer looks like, you've probably noticed that it can be ~just a lil intense~ to try and enjoy some time outdoors. 😳

Fortunately, if you prepare well, you can enjoy your fun in the sun–and you can do it safely!! Wouldn't it be nice if your summer skin was gorgeous and glowy instead of sweaty and sunburned?? (OMG we're in!!) Good news: you just need a few tips and tricks up your sleeve (or in your bag, because, let's be real, sleeves are SO last season). 💁‍♀️

Let's stay safe and healthy in the sun together with these summery skincare tips: 

1. Let's talk sunburn prevention. 👒🧢

Taking the time to make sure the harmful rays of the sun don't get to you in the first place is ALWAYS a good idea. Ultraviolet light can cause discoloration on your skin, fine lines and wrinkles, painful sunburn, and even lead to skin cancer!!! 🥺

After you've spent a few minutes in the sun to get all its benefits, it's time to apply sunscreen. Make sure you get a high enough SPF!!! According to the American Academy of Dermatology, you should look for at least 30 SPF, which will block 97% of the sun's rays. 

HOWEVER, sunscreen isn't the only way to protect your skin from the sun!! Investing in a huge hat or some lightweight summery maxi dresses and sitting in the shade can all help as well. (A face mask can also help the lower half of your face avoid burns, if you think about it!!!) 


An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, so just remember, if you try to avoid getting burned, your future self will likely thank you. 😉

2. Take care of your burns quickly. 🥵 

If you've gotten badly burnt, don't panic; it's very likely that you can take care of it with things you already have at home. First of all, be aware that it takes a couple of days for sunburns to fully show up!!! About two days after your sun exposure, your sunburn will be at its most severe. ⏰

As long as your sunburn covers a small part of your body, isn't blistering that much, and isn't accompanied by chills or a fever, you should stay at home and relax. (If you are experiencing those symptoms, it's time to call a doctor!!) 


Try the following remedies to alleviate the pain: 

  • First of all, leave blisters alone! They help your skin avoid infection while it's less protected than usual. 
  • Taking a cool shower will feel soothing and help moisturize your skin.💧
  • Drink lots of water; sunburns can be dehydrating!!!
  • Be even more careful than usual about sunscreen and staying in the shade until you heal; sunburn on top of sunburn definitely isn't our idea of a good time! 😅
  • There are some creams and gels, especially those with aloe vera in them, which can provide relief. 

3. Find non-oily ways to moisturize your skin. 🤓

We don't know about you, but having a heavy layer of moisturizer on your body during the summer just seems like the least pleasant thing IMAGINABLE. (When you add in sweat, there's just. no. way!!!) It's time to put the deep moisturizing creams and oils that work wonders in the winter back on the shelf, and find lighter, more summery options instead. 

If you'd rather not invest in a specific summer moisturizing product, there are a few options you can DIY at home! The same cucumber spa water that tastes fantastic and hydrates you from within is a fantastic cooling spray for your face (and a must-have for a beach bag!!). 🥒 (Also a daily-must have? All the water! Hydration will keep your skin soft by plumping up from inside!! 🙌 )

Also, spoiler alert: Aloe vera isn't just good for dealing with burned skin. Because it's a gel instead of a cream, it seeps into your skin and leaves a pleasantly cool, dry feeling...all while adding an intense zap of much-needed moisture to your summer skin!!!


(BONUS: You can buy aloe anywhere, or you can keep a lil plant of it at home!!! They're easy to take care of and look so pretty!!) 🌱

4. Dealing with Sweat 🌊

SWEAT. It's the bane of our EXISTENCE in the summer!!! It just seems like no matter where you are, there's no escape. Whether you're exercising, spending time outside, or just trying to make it through the next few months, there are a few tips you can try to make sweat a little more manageable. 

First, though, remember that sweat is actually a good thing!!! 💦 ✌️ When you're getting overheated, your body responds by trying to cool you down. Sweat is really effective at doing just that. 

When it gets to be a lil too much, though...

  1. Double down on deodorant! Some types of deodorants include antiperspirants, which can reduce sweating. It might not be a great idea to use these all the time (sweating is good for you, after all) but they work very well if you need a solution, fast!)
  2. Even though sweat is good for you, too much can be, well, too much. If lots of sweat is causing your skin irritation and causing pore blockages, be sure to re-set your skin by cleansing, often, and then using a light moisturizer to help rejuvenate your skin!!
  3. The same cool shower that can help with a sunburn will also feel AMAZING if you're dealing with sweat! Jump in quickly, cool off, and change into a fresh, clean outfit. You'll feel like new! Making sure the water is tepid (not too hot or too cold) so that your pores close up.
  4. If your skin is flushed, red, or irritated, use a face mist or toning spray to calm it down & get it back to that fresh, glowing look!
  5. Let your body BREATHE! Prioritize outfits with light, flowy fabrics (like this romper!!!) and go barefoot when you can. It'll feel good, it'll help excess sweat evaporate quickly, and it'll give your body a non-sweat way to cool down, as well! 

5. Vitamin C and Exfoliation


This last one's a short one: If you are thinking about adding to your skincare routine in the summer, prioritizing Vitamin C serums and (smart, safe!!) exfoliation are the ways to go. Vitamin C can protect your skin from the effects of UV exposure, and exfoliation can help combat your skin's summery overproduction of oil. Just one pro tip, don't don't DON'T exfoliate if you've just gotten a sunburn!!! 🥵🙅‍♀️

Remember: shade, hydration, and ALL the SPF: these are your summer go-tos!!! It can seem like a lot of work, but making sure you're protected this summer will be the best present you can give to your future self.

How are you enjoying fun in the sun these days?!?



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