Last year, our CEO and Designer Cassey embarked on an unapologetic 90 Day Journey to get in the best shape of her life - mentally and physically. 

How did she do it? Cassey wrote down everything:

  • What she ate
  • What much water she drank
  • How much she slept
  • Her workout plan
  • Her mood

She meticulously kept track of her progress and took notes whenever she felt like she had extra energy, lower energy, was bloated, felt tired etc. For 90 days, she journaled HARD. And you know what?

It worked.

Cassey may have shed 20 lbs of judgement, insecurity, and feelings that didn't serve her..but she gained SO MUCH MORE. It was like she unlocked the key to understanding her body once and for all. She had 90 days of notes that she could always look back on to see what worked and what didn't work.

If you're feeling inspired to start your own 90 day journey to get in the best shape of your life, we have good news. Cassey took the spreadsheets, graphs, and daily notes she wrote and turned it into something for you

 Enter: our new 90 Day Journal!!! 

This journal is so unique because it's based on Cassey's very own 90 Day Journey! If you, like her, know that now is your time to take back the life you want, we're here to help you make 👏 it 👏 happen 👏

We've packed this planner with science-backed features to help guide your own journey towards success. Here's a breakdown of what you'll find inside and the WHY behind each design:

#1. Weekly Progress Charts 📈

At the risk of sounding a lil bit nerdy, we're HUGE fans of data. Being able to track your stats, see what works in real time, and change your strategies as needed will SUPERCHARGE your ability to get real results!!! When you're just starting out, you can see this page as full of incredible opportunity; and when you're done, this page will remind you of how you made your dreams happen, week by week!!! 🤩


#2. Goal-Setting Space 🏆

You know what's even more important than willpower? 'WHYPOWER'. Making sure that you know why you're doing the work, how your daily actions get you to your goals, and keeping your motivation in front of you at ALL times: These are the ingredients for success. 🙌

We've included a space for you to jot down what success will look like for you, so you can keep your whypower front and center. 


#3. Daily Meal & Workout Tracker 🍽 🏃‍♀️

Success is in the details, guys. You're made of your habits, and what you do every. SINGLE. day matters so much! To help you focus on your daily success story, we've included a simple space for you to track exactly how you're taking care of your body. Taking good notes will allow you to look back and figure out what you ate or how many hours you slept as well as when you felt GREAT and when you felt...not so great!


You've got plenty of space to track:

  • meals
  • mood
  • water intake
  • sleep duration
  • workout
  • macros

#4. Weekly Grocery Lists 🥑 🍓

How do you like to start you week? For us - meal prepping and meal planning puts us in the mood to have a strong and solid week! That's why we put a grocery list at the start of every week. 


#5. Weekly recap pages to track mood, accomplishments, workouts and more! 💫

Having milestones to reflect on your progress will make ALL the difference as you make your way through your own 90 day journey. That's why we've included a page for each week to help you reflect on what worked–and what didn't. Constantly reassessing your goals and strategies will help make the magic happen, so we also have a place for you to write down new-and-improved goals as you go!! ✌️


#6. Weekly dividers with convenient, easy-use tabs and beautiful inspirational quotes. 💛 💛

Sometimes you just need a few motivational words to get you through the day. That's why we've sprinkled them throughout the planner.

The tabs are a feature we didn't have in our last Fit Journal but something we DEFINITELY needed to add for the 90 day Journal! You'll be doing a lot of flipping back and forth as you experiment and tweak.


AHHHHH isn't it gorgeous!!???? 💫

Grab yours at to start your VERY OWN 90 Day Journey. We're so excited to see you all crush your self-care and fitness goals over 3 months!






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