The wait is over...Dark Bloom has finally arrived! This magical Winter Collection took A LOT of hard work...we're talking nearly a year of emotional rollercoaster-ing (if that's even a word). 

All of us at Blogilates HQ are super tired...from shooting Cassey on Friday to shooting the models on Monday to editing and writing copy on Tuesday to actually launching on Wednesday!!?? WHO DOES THAT.

Like, no one. Ever.

But we're crazy like that, so we'll catch up on sleep later!

Let there be snow! 

Fake snow that is.

Leslie and Sam both climbed on ladders to throw fake snow creating an indoor winter wonderland effect. It went EVERYWHERE. Hair, mouths, bras...umm yeah, but so worth it!

We had the privilege of working with some of our favorite people ever, all great friends of Blogilates! From left to right you've got the gorgeous Kassia @kassiaphoy who is a talented photographer, Gracie @iamgraciedzienny who's an incredible actress - you may have seen on some ABC shows, there's Cassey - I think you know her, and finally Taylor @blondeambiition who worked as one of our fitting models during the entire #DARKBLOOM development process!

Because we spent a long time measuring, testing and understanding women's bodies over the past year in regards to fit and clothing, we needed models who represented the the range of beautiful body types that are out there! So if you read the descriptions on the side of the product shots, you'll see that we listed their measurements and what size the girls are wearing. Hopefully this will make for an easier shopping experience!

Now, let's go through what a POPFLEX photoshoot is like!

The day started in hair and makeup of course! Our awesome hairstylist and makeup artist extraordinaire, Tiffany @beautystylelist made the girls look fresh faced and glowy. The goal was to simply enhance their natural beauty and it was really important not to overdo anything. These are workout clothes not prom dresses!  Tiff was a super boss at this. I mean, everyone looked STUNNING.

Oh and can we take a moment to appreciate Tiff's hair? UMM. GORG.

Lexi was the stylist that day and got the girls dressed in all of their outfits and made sure everything looked perfect. No makeup stains, no flipped straps, no underwear lines! Before hopping onto the seamless (the backdrop), the girls warmed up their muscles for a quick stretch sesh with Cassey.

Because this wasn't gonna be any old regular shoot. It was time to fly!

Yaaaaas Kassia WERKKK!

Cassey led the creative direction and model posing. Together, Cassey and our photographer Daniel @danieldearco worked hard to get these pics to pop! There were good vibes buzzing in the studio all day long. Every one was on point and in tune. Unlike typical fashion shoots, there was no intimidation or judgement going on. It was important that EVERYONE felt comfortable enough to shine!

Break time! It's Gracie and Kassia caught red handed at the snack station! Yes, the models eat.

Leslie had a very important job of tying the reversible bows on the Queen's Coat. She once had a gig where she had to wrap Christmas presents for money. So, she was made for this.

I mean...LOOK AT THAT BOW!!!!

After we shot sooo many pieces (and some that aren't even on the site yet as many of you have discovered), the entire team hugged, celebrated and in typical Blogilates fashion...we all posed for a FINAL crazy pic!

Hope you enjoyed this BTS blog post. It's been so cool seeing all your #DARKBLOOM collages on IG. We literally CANNOT WAIT until you get your pieces! Be sure to do your own mini photoshoot! We'd love to repost your pics on our website and on @popflex_active!

Comment below which design you love the most!