Want to earn free clothes? Of course you do!

Then sign up for the POPFLEX Rewards Program - it's free. We designed this program as a way to say "thank you" to our best customers and as a way to reward those who truly champion the brand! We really depend on your honest word of mouth to grow, so big big thanks in advance for sharing your love for POPFLEX!

Now let's talk about earning those points! They can rack up really quickly if you have a strategy to get people to use your unique referral link. So here are our tips to help you do just that!


We’re not saying you have to hire a professional photographer to take your pics (a boyfriend, the hubs, your friends or even your parents will do), but here are some general guidelines for attractive pictures:

  • Use bright colors
    • Add brightness, saturation or contrast if you need to. Instagram has the features to let you edit your pics, so use them!
  • Simple backgrounds
    • The less clutter, the better! You want the focal point to be on YOU looking amazing in your POPFLEX.
    • Outdoorsy backgrounds - nature is beautiful! If you have the chance to snap a quick pic outside with a nice background, like on the beach, in front of some trees, or flowers, then do it! It adds liveliness to your photo.


Mirror selfies are cool and all - we love seeing you strike a pose! But get creative. Show off that cool yoga pose you’ve been working on, or snap a shot of you mid-Pilates session. People like to see the clothes in action! Even better, take a cool video or boomerang! Have fun with it and be yourself! :)


When you’re part of the Rewards Program you get a unique link for referrals. But, this link is really long and hard to memorize. Use bitly.com to shorten your link and make it unique to you. For example: bit.ly/MaryPOPFLEX.

Then when you post your picture, add in the caption that you have a special link in case any of your friends or followers are interested in looking at where you got the clothes from. Type the link in the caption, but it’s also beneficial for you to put your link in your Instagram profile so people can just click on it to get straight to the website.

When posting on Facebook you can add your link in the caption of your pic AND write it in a comment so people have double the opportunity to click on it.


The best way to advertise? "Model" the clothes just by wearing it in your daily life!

Or if you're a POP Pilates instructor, teach class in your POPFLEX! You automatically have a bunch of eyes on you for an hour! You can casually mention “Hey, aren’t my leggings super cute!? If ya’ll wanna buy them just come ask me after class and I’ll give you my special link!”

Maybe write it down so they don’t forget, or tell them that you’ll post it on your Instagram or Facebook page and tag them so they don’t forget!


Overall, it’s not about being salesy - don't do that. People find it annoying and will be turned off. It’s just about being honest! Give your true opinion of your POPFLEX pieces and people will appreciate it. Everyone is always looking for honest reviews.

Have fun, get creative, and you'll see those reward points rack up super fast! Good luck POPFLEXers! ;)