Did you wake up today and feel a little bit more magic in the air? In today’s forecast, it was reported that POPFLEX® sprinkled feelings of  ethereality upon us. 

Enter: Stardust - the collection made to shine on the outside, as a reminder to never lose your inner sparkle.

Our Head Designer, Cassey, took on the challenge of toning down the bright, bold colors and decided to opt in for something she’s never designed before - an all black color palette.  As we know, she isn’t one to keep her basics, basic so, she turned it up a notch by adding a little sparkle to her designs.
 One thing you should note about this drop - the bottoms don’t have pockets… but hold the gasp. Here’s why: to keep it simple, we wanted our ButterSoft™ Lite and Airlite ButterSmooth™ fabric to fit your body like second-skin, and hug your booty like a glove. We made a designer conscious decision to keep our beloved pockets away from the designs so the bottoms remain bulk-free. 

Ready to get into the details? We are too.

1. CrissCross Hourglass Legging™ in Black Glitter

We dare you to put these on and not feel like a superhero. We gave the most-loved Hourglass Legging a new name, and an iridescent print.  

Featuring a v-shaped booty lifting back seam.

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2. Estelle Zip Bra

A moment of silence in remembrance of fighting your sweaty sports bra off, post-workout. Those days are officially over.

She zippers in the front to take on/off easily.

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3. Cosmo Gemstone Bra

The bra that gives an instant boost of confidence. We don’t make the rules.

The deep scoop in the front comes together in a small twist with a keyhole.

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4. Cosmo Biker Short

POV: The Supersculpt Short, just a wee-bit shorter and with less compression – this will be your new summer sweats substitute.

If traditional bikers are a little too long for you, snag these.

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 5. Reveal Top

You know we love a good layering piece. Wear this as a crop, or tie it so it hits your waist. If you want to get creative, wear it backwards and slip the neck strap over your head for a new look. (hello versatility!)

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 6. Step Up Shruggie

Your not-so traditional shrug hoodie.

This boxy fit shruggie has romantic pleated sleeves, setting it apart from traditional shrugs which tend to be more fitted.

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Wait. We're not done. 

Of course we had to add iridescent bottles to match! (our obsession over matching water bottles with workout sets doesn’t stop.)

Available in 2 glowing colors (Black and Iridescent) and of course, 2 sizes (40oz and 64oz). 

Things we love about them:

  1. They match our Stardust collection (duh!)
  2. They have double wall insulation to keep your bev cold for hours
  3. The clear flip-top nozzle, designed for easy and effortless drinking


Black Stardust Bottle

Inspired by the mesmerizing beauty of the sparkling night sky.

Iridescent Stardust Bottle 

A visual of what we believe fairy dust dreams are made of.  

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S/o to our gorgeous models, as always! 

We couldn’t be more excited to finally release this collection! Cassey actually crafted this collection in 2020 but, due to the unforeseen events of the pandemic, she decided to pause her release plans. Luckily, 2 years, and we decided that now would be the perfect time to add a little more sparkle to the world.⁠

Which item will bring a glow to your workout collection? ⁠Tell us in the comments below!