The Basics vibe has always been "effortless." Every piece is easy to wear, easy to pair, and easy to transform from workout to relaxation mode.

With the launch of our Basics II collection, this seemed like a good time to do a little 'How It's Made' a la POPFLEX. A lot of work and attention to detail goes into creating something "effortless!"

Fabrics is a major detail. No design can truly come to life until it's matched with the perfect fabric. When POPFLEX started, we focused on a few options. Since then, we've continuously added and improved, on a mission to make every piece fit and feel ✨flawless✨

Here's an overview of the star fabrics of Basics II, why we use them, and what makes them special.

ButterSoft Brushed is the MVP

If you're shopping Basics II or any of the more recent collections, this is the fabric you'll see most.

This fabric is luxe, but it's not just for lounging. It wicks sweat really well too, which really comes in handy for more intense workouts. 

Some of our faves: Supersculpt Legging (which now comes in 3 lengths YAY!), Alpine Bra, Supersculpt Flared Legging

Key Features:

  • Double brushed, which creates a matte, velvety soft texture on both sides of the fabric
  • 4-way stretch
  • Thick enough to hug your body without being too compressive

Here's why it's special

We can list features all day long, but why do they matter? How do these things impact everything from your workout to your comfort level when you're just trying to relax and binge your favorite show? 

With ButterSoft Brushed, we've created leggings that are super comfy and stretchy, but thick enough that nothing is gonna show now matter how low you squat (we love a good squat!). This fabric smooths and defines, but never pinches. You'll never tug at saggy knees or other annoying areas that stretch out.

Oh. And worrying about camel toe is a thing of the past.

Pause. Let's discuss the Supersculpt Legging.

Not only are these back in Basics II, but we're doing something we've never done before. The Supersculpt Legging now comes in THREE inseam options: petite, regular, and tall. Finding the perfect fit has never been easier. 

Shop them here.

StretchSilk is tried and true

If you've been shopping POPFLEX for awhile, you're definitely familiar with StretchSilk. This is one of our OG fabrics that we still absolutely adore. It was featured in the Terrain, Rainbow, and Safari Collections. It also made an appearance in Marble, where we fell in love with the Cargo Drawstring Legging.

Why is this important? It's back

Key Fabric Features:

  • Sleek and silky
  • Cool to the touch
  • Sweat-wicking
  • Lightweight and breathable

The key difference between StretchSilk and ButterSoft Brushed is that when you look closely or feel StretchSilk, there's no brushing. It's a more silky, sleek feel. 

BUT what we really really love about the Cargo Drawstring Legging is the deep pockets, comfy drawstring waistband, and obviously the fact that it has a flattering, high waistline.

popflex active city crop tee white

Cotton is classic

It's a given that Basics must include cotton, right? The City Crop Tee is 100% cotton, which is the reason it feels insanely soft and comfy when you throw it on over your sports bra. 
popflex basics 2 city crop tee black rose taupe

Those are the fabrics of Basics!!

Which designs can you not live without?! Tell us in the comments!

If you want to learn about other POPFLEX fabrics, we created a whole guide for you here!