This just in: The holidays are literally JUST around the corner. The magic, happiness, and romance of the holidays is so close, we can almost feel it! 

You know what also snuck up on us? GIFT-GIVING. This year has been a lot, right? If you haven't yet figured out exactly what you're giving your loved ones to help celebrate the season, no worries. 

We've got your back. This year, we've teamed up with the 2020 POPFLEX POWERGIRLS to suss out the year's top health, beauty, and fitness gifts. Ready for perfect suggestions for stocking stuffers and self-care gifts galore?

1. Dorotea's Recommendations

  • POPFLEX Alpine Leggings: "These leggings have been an absolute game changer for me - they fit so perfectly to the body and shape my figure just in all the right places making me feel on fire so I would highly recommend these for anyone with a curvy figure like mine!"

alpine leggings

  • POPFLEX Ultimate To-Do Notebook: "I am a total organisational and planner type of person, but I also write my most random thoughts and to-dos all over my different journals, pretty much whatever I find close to me at the moment - it is so practical to have this so that I can write all of my to-dos in one place and not have to wonder where I have written them!"
  • Adorable Silicone Spatulas: "They come with all kinds of cute designs on them - cherries, goats, even little avocados!"
  • The Ultimate Cookie Handbook: "Because honestly, who doesn't need a little baking therapy these days? You can make your home smell like vanilla, cinnamon, and sugar - and also have a treat at the end. It's totally a win-win." 

2. Izzy's Recommendations

  • POPFLEX Alpine Bra: "This bra provides great support, and the mesh panel makes it unique!"

  • Verb Ghost Hair Oil: "One of my favorite hair oils that is lightweight, smoothing, and suitable for all hair types! Does not feel greasy at all. I love using a bit on the ends of my hair to keep it looking hydrated and healthy."
  • Pixi Hydrating Milky Mist: "If you have oily or combination skin (like me!), this milky mist is the PERFECT facial refresher. Especially with the colder weather, it hydrates your skin but won't make it feel oily! I love using it after workouts, and it smells amazing."

3. Rose's Recommendations

  • POPFLEX Focus Zip Top in Baby Blue: "The focus zip top is perfect for workouts on cooler days, when it’s not quite cold enough for a jacket but too chilly for just a tank. It’s become my go-to top for autumn yoga!" 

focus zip top baby blue

  • POPFLEX Alpine Leggings: "Super soft, comfy leggings in beautiful earth-inspired colours - what’s not to love? There’s a size and a colour of the Alpine Leggings for everyone!" 
  • Lush Bath Bombs: "One of my favourite ways to relax is to take a long bath. I love the bath bombs from Lush because they’re made with the freshest ingredient and cruelty free! Plus, they make taking a bath into a whole event." 

4. Kat's Recommendations

  • POPFLEX Alpine Leggings in Evergreen: "I am obsessed with these leggings! I would wear them every day of the week for teaching barre if I could. These are a wardrobe staple for everyone!"
  • POPFLEX Water Bottle: "I use this water bottle every single day! It is super easy to drink out of while working out and I love having a beautiful and unique bottle that won’t get mixed up with any one else. This would be a great gift for any girl on the go!"



  • AfterShokz Air Open-Ear Lifestyle/Sport Headphones: "I love these headphones! They do not budge as I’m running and, most importantly, let me hear traffic/surrounding noises while listening to my music. A safety must for running or walking alone!"
  • Healthy One Pan Dinners: "I’m honestly not super confident in the kitchen, but this cookbook simplifies the process for me and makes it not overwhelming! I highly recommend for any aspiring cook or college student!"

5. Justyna's Recommendations

  • POPFLEX Gulch Leggings in Clay: "I love this cut and the colour! They are so feminine and make me fell super sexy and grounded."
  • Pukka Herbs Tea: "This tea is based on Ayurveda, which is ancient natural medicine and I happen to be obsessed about. So healthy and tasty!"

6. Kiara's Recommendations

  • POPFLEX Breezy Tie Tank: "I am loving the Breezy Tie Tank because you can still see all the cute bras underneath but with added cuteness!"

breezy tie tank POPFLEX

  • Miroco Milk Frother: "I am someone who wakes up drinks a glass of water and then goes off into the wilderness of my kitchen to somehow become more alive. Caffeine is a great way to start my day. And I personally love me a frothy creme on top!" 
  • LANEIGE Lip Sleeping Mask: "Living in Colorado is very DRYING so I try my best to drink a LOT of water during the day. My lips used to get very chapped up until I started using this overnight lip mask. 10/10 recommend!" 

7. Niese's Recommendations

  • POPFLEX Vegan Suede Yoga Mats: "I have to recommend any POPFLEX yoga mat (my personal favorites are the Retro Rainbow, Heart in the Clouds, & Diamond Sky)! They make great gifts for anyone who’s new to yoga or is an experienced yogi because not only are they super cute, but they’re so cushiony! (This definitely helps with inversions if you’re clumsy like me!)" 

retro rainbow yoga mat

8. Alli's Recommendations

  • POPFLEX Heart in the Clouds Suede Yoga Mat: "This yoga mat has been my saving grace for those in between work from home stretches! After those long hours sitting at my desk, the mat is perfect to roll out and do a few stretches before jumping into more Zoom meetings!" 

  • POPFLEX Okay Let's Start Notebook: "With the stress of the pandemic, I have turned to journaling every morning. This notebook sits at my bedside and is a vital part to the start of my day. I fill it with intentions set for the day, tasks to be done, and prayer requests, it's that perfect stocking stuffer!"

ok let's start notebook

  • Glossier 3 Step Skincare: "I am obsessed with this 3 step kit for clean radiating skin from glossier! Especially in the cold months, the moisturizer helps me stay hydrated throughout the day! Perfect for someone who needs an introduction to the skin care world!"

  • Heated Coffee Mug: "Nothing is more cozy than a warm cup of hot cocoa on a snow day! I love this smart coffee set during my morning emails and evening tea!"


And there you have it! Thanks SO much to our 2020 POPFLEX POWERGIRLS for sharing the sweets and treats that will truly help all of our holidays sparkle! ✨

Are you excited for the holidays? Quick - share in the comments, what's a gift that you're planning to surprise a loved one with this year?