Is it just us, or when you're working out, do you spend a LOT of time looking at your hands? 😂

Between planks, downward dogs, push-ups and all of the other beautifully torturous moves we do to feel our absolute best, it certainly seems that our fingertips are often in front of us (or below us) as we sweat it out on our mats. If you're looking for ways to stay motivated, making sure that your mani is up to the task is a great way to start! 

This might seem like a tiny thing to do, but sometimes it's the small things that really make the biggest difference. We know that when we look good, that helps us feel good - and that can make heading to the mat and working our hardest even better! (Plus, a gorgeous, sparkly mani can just give a little extra to your sweaty selfie or Insta accountability post, you know?) 

You know we love matching our looks to our POPFLEX, so we wanted to do the same for our manis as well! Here are the nail DIYs we can't WAIT to try to add a little edge to our favorite POPFLEX looks! 

1. Sugar Plum // Sparkle

sugar plum collage

With the holidays upcoming, we just can't resist the urge to go for a glamorous, glittery mani! Inspired by the ultra-feminine magic and wintry allure of the Sugar Plum Collection, we're dying to try out this sparkly snow mani, or this glitter cuticle DIY. In either case, start by adding a base of the solid color of your choice, and then layer on sparkly polishes until you get the frosted look of your dreams! 

Pro tip: Just make sure to seal it in with a glossy top coat to make sure that textured polish stays in place as long as possible. 

Image sourcesPOPFLEX Flutter Top in Creme Brûléepicture 1, picture 2

2. Retro Rainbow // Colorblock

retro rainbow collage

The vintage, mod styling of our Retro Rainbow collection has us TOTALLY in the mood for a color blocked mani. It's simple: Just grab a few of your favorite colors (we love baby blue, peach, and minty green for a lovely pastel approach!) and some tape. Washi tape works really well!

Begin with a coat of your base color, and then - once that has completely dried - lay down your tape across your nail to create a clean-cut line for your mani. Paint a second color over the tape, let dry, and remove the tape to see your super-simple but super-striking color block mani! (Switch it up with diagonal lines or multiple pieces of tape - the possibilities are endless!) 

Image sources: picture 1, picture 2, POPFLEX Tone Shorts

3. Tie-Dye // Nail Stickers

tie dye collage

There's something about the comfortable, relaxed, and playful vibes of our Tie Dye collection that make us want to try the nail sticker trend - what do you think? With nail stickers, you can make a super easy, no-frills mani INSTANTLY stand out. We love these stickers (especially the little flowers and butterflies!), but any stickers will work well! Just make sure to follow up with a top-coat so they don't wash off quickly, and you'll be all set to go! 

Image sources: picture 1, picture 2, POPFLEX Tie Dye Sweatshirt

4. Terrain // Negative Space

terrain collage

Negative space manis are ones that let the natural beauty of your nails shine, accentuating them with geometric lines and shapes that look super modern - and are super easy to do. Depending on the specific design you choose, the how-to of this DIY mani could look a lot like the color block method we talked about earlier - just leave out the first color! 

Our favorite? We love a negative space mani where you just paint the top third or so of your nails, leaving the rest bare. It looks chic, it makes a statement, and it'll last forever - you don't have to worry about it growing out at all! 

Image sources: picture 1, picture 2, POPFLEX Cascade Tank

5. Constellation // Holo 

constellation collage

Image sources: picture 1, picture 2, POPFLEX Zodiac Legging

This just in: The mystic, otherworldly nature of our Constellation Collection and the dark glamor of holographic nails are a match made in heaven! Holographic materials catch the light, distort, and shine in a bizarre and magical way that makes us COMPLETELY obsessed. 

Usually, you have to go to the salon or use really special materials to get holo nails, but if you're not able to find specific holographic nail polish, we've got your back. With holo tissue paper and a clear top coat or a dusting of laser powder, you can get the same effect at home! SO fun!

6. Dream // French manis 

dream collage

Image sources: picture 1, picture 2, POPFLEX Muse Bra

The ethereal, lacy, super-femme look of this collection makes us want to try out the PERFECT French mani: It's super classic, it goes with everything, and it can be more difficult than you'd think! All you need is a shade or two of nail polish and a steady hand - or some tape to make the process far easier and less stressful at the end. 

(Bonus: We feel like a modern matte finish would go so well with this collection, too!) 

7. Dusty Blossom // Ombre

dusty blossom collage

Image sources: picture 1, picture 2, POPFLEX Sweetheart Cincher Cami

The muted colors of the Dusty Blossom collection make us feel like an ombre pastel look would be ultra-gorgeous! This subtle design is one where one color at your cuticles slowly morphs into another color at the tips of your nails in a sophisticated yet show-stopping way. Select any two shades you'd like, grab a foam makeup sponge, and get ready to have the most beautiful nails you've ever seen! 

8. Dark Bloom // Metallics 

dark bloom collage

Image sources: picture 1, picture 2, POPFLEX Danger Tank

Metallics: They're bright, they're bold, and they mean BUSINESS. If you're really feeling powerful in your POPFLEX, if you want to really celebrate that top-of-the-world, I-can-do-this attitude, definitely go for a metallic mani. They're festive, they're chic, and they're not that hard to do - you just need a metallic nail color! We love this rose gold shade for a softer look, or this incredible chrome metallic color that looks like purple, copper, gold or green depending on the light! 


Aaah, with all of these GORGEOUS looks to try, we don't even know where to begin! (Though, as the holidays draw near, the glamorous glittery looks we paired with the Sugar Plum collection seem super apropos!) 

That's what we'd pair with each collection. What would you try? We'd LOVE to see your takes on matching manis with POPFLEX!