Hey guys!

We've been getting a lot of feedback on including more sizes in our POPFLEX size range, and yes we are so on board with you! But, we need help figuring out exactly WHICH sizes!

So, we need you guys to share some numbers with us! We're conducting a thorough size survey that we'd love you to contribute to, and we will be analyzing all of the numbers next week at our product development meetings!


Grab a measuring tape! Your answers will DIRECTLY help us develop the best, most consistent fit for future POPFLEX collections!

Why is it important for you to fill out the survey?

1. Online shopping on POPFLEX will be much more consistent.

2. You'll help us develop extended sizes (like plus or petite) if we see the need is there!

Thank you so much guys! Can't wait to dive into the numbers!




Hi , my name is Savannah . I’m a plus size , this is my first time buying sport bra. I’m not very sure what size I should buy . But the bra I bought shows 44/G100 . Help me please.

— Savannah

I am 5’6.5", my measurements are W: 28.5", H: 36.25", B: 34C. I have athletic build, with wide shoulders AND long inseam. I usually wear a size 4/S, in pants and 6/8/M, in tops. Generally, my biggest issue is length. I have very long inseam and have a hard time finding leggings long enough. It’s annoying when you see really cool leggings bunched, at the bottom of someone else’s ankles only to have them barely reach the top of your ankle bone😆. I would LOVE some long options, if possible. Thank you, Cassie!🤗

— Hollie Hitchcock

I am 5.1’ petite and wear btwn. A 0-2 size in pants or x-small. I wear a 32 C bra size x-small to small in shirts.

— Marianella DiRodis