Your Fav GOT Looks to Take to the Gym

Your Fav GOT Looks to Take to the Gym

April 11, 2019 1 Comment

Have you ever wanted to channel your inner Dany, Sansa, or Cersei at the gym? WELL NOW YOU CAN!!! Peep the outfits below and let your Westeros banners fly!

House Stark

Take your rightful place as Queen in the North with our Drama Tank ($35) and the Highness Legging ($54):

If you're feeling that Winter coming, add the Queen's Coat ($84) on top!

House Targaryen 

Become the Mother of Dragons when you don our Bliss Bra ($26) and the Highness Leggings ($54):

House Lannister

Call forth the Rains of Castamere with our Danger Tank ($34) and Adventure Zip Leggings ($49):

House Tyrell

Grow strong when you channel literal Queen Margaery's Purple Wedding look in the Muse Bra ($28) and Corset Legging ($45):

Beyond the Wall

Ok, we get it... you're the Night King and you want to bring eternal winter to Westeros and like you have a dragon or whatever.... so here! Wear the Muse Bra ($28) and the Highness Legging ($54):


Are you a Sand Snake ready to pledge yourself to House Targaryen?!? Try our Sunset Yoga Mat ($54) and our Hustle Hard Water Bottle ($20):

Ok, now that you have your cute outfit ready for Sunday's premiere do this workout whenever one of the following is on your screen....

  1. Dany uses her full name/title: 20 squats
  2. Dragon on screen: 30 second plank
  3. People who are related make out with each other: 20 tricep dips
  4. Tyrion makes a joke: 20 double leg lifts
  5. A main character dies: Run in place for 30 seconds
  6. Cersei drinks wine: 20 jumping jacks
  7. Jon Snow broods: 30 crunches
  8. Seemingly unnecessary death: 30 second side plank
  9. Jaime Lannister mentions having one hand: 10 lunges each side
  10. Anyone quotes their own house words: 20 push ups
  11. Jorah looks longingly at Dany: 20 bridges
  12. Arya kills someone on her list: 30 second wall sit
  13. Cersei acts like the kween that she is: 20 Russian twists
  14. Brienne is a BAMF: 20 calf raises
  15. Someone wears an impractical outfit to a battle: 10 sit ups

Drop a comment with your favorite outfit and what other characters you would like us to come up with!

And don't forget......... WINTER IS COMING!!!

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April 11, 2019

Oh well, guess I don’t have any excuses for not buying the Cloud outfit anymore 🤷🏼‍♀️🐲

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