Purple Starry Yoga Block


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Need a lil something to lean on? These sturdy, high-quality, and dreamy yoga blocks will be your new best friend as you flow through your favorite yoga poses.

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Maëlle S.
Size Bought: S
Overall Fit: True to Size
Height: -
Bra Size: -
Body Type: Hourglass
Weight: -
Great yoga blocks

I only use these blocks once during a stretching session from Cassey and they were so useful and super cute!

Maria G.
Real nice but cardboard binding left marks!

I love the color and stars to match w the rest of the Starry Night set. I'm real nitpicky, it left marks on the block and it smells funny too.

Great for those over splits

I wanted some yoga blocks to challenge my flexibility to the next level, and so far it's done just that. They're durable but also soft so it doesn't hurt my heels or feet whenever I used them. They also grip well to the floor and to each other so that I don't need to worry about slippage!

Maria K.
Overall Fit: True to Size
So very very helpful!!

These are even better than I thought they'd be! I didn't exactly know what to expect at all, having never even seen a yoga block in person before, but when these first came out, I was so in love with the fact that it matched my mat, I wanted it 🙈🤣 so I started looking a little bit in to what exactly they do and how to use them. It took me ages to decide to buy them, because I honestly was afraid that using blocks would be somehow cheating in a weird way...? 'I can already almost do a split (my crotch is now just 2 inches above the floor during front splits on either side!! 😄) and get into nearly ever pose in Cassey's videos (painfully! But I can get there!),' I'd thought, 'Just keep practicing and save your money.' But these were so pretty, and I just wanted to know what they felt like, so I said fudge it and bought em 😅😂 I didn't know how much use I would get out of them, but then they finally arrived, I went straight to using them fresh out of the box and WOW.

I could immediately feel the difference in my posture, in my alignment, and definitely the decrease in my amount of fear that the burning pull in my stretches would tear something. I bought 2, and these yoga blocks have improved my ability to get into position and stay there for longer lengths of time without feeling strange pulls and pops! I now believe I've maybe been pushing myself too far into my stretches instead of correctly easing into them, and I had no idea until I felt the difference in my stretches using these. It would explain why it feels like I'm constantly healing deep muscle the last few months and have plateaued in learning how to do my splits... I'm very thankful for these yoga blocks, and am very glad I bought them! They're a total game changer! I'm not so scared of doing yoga for splits at all anymore. They make me feel alot more confident about trying new moves, too!

I love the softness of the foam! The blocks are very firm, but the outside is so squishy and squidgy!! I love touching them, they're almost velvety! More importantly, though, my sweaty hands don't slip all over the block and compromise my grip! They're not sharp edged along the sides or corners of the block, which is something else I really like, as I feel it makes moving the block around when in mid pose to adjust its height a much smoother transition. The Starry lilac/lavender is super lovely, as well 😜 I've just been wiping it down as needed with an antibac wipe and so far so good, but I'm really hoping the stars don't fade over time with use and cleaning. There's nothing wrong with my product to make me think that, just my own paranoia, because it's so pretty, and I want the stars to last forever 🙃

I highly recommend this to anyone looking to make stretching more enjoyable and less stressful. I look forward to my stretches even more now, knowing these lil guys are here to help me out, especially on my not-feelin-so-flexy kind of days ♥️ My left hamstring certainly is appreciating these, lemme tell ya! 😚

Darian W.

Although they were a bit smaller than expected, I'm very pleased with my purchase. I'm so ready to step up my flexibility. :) This is the first time using them, so I was excited to see that they were even available. :) Not only are they practical, they look so cute!!