Hey guys! It's Laurel, social media coordinator for POPFLEX! I wanted to talk to you all because I'm currently going through something I'm sure most of you have experienced yourself: a workout rut. A gym slump. The only marathons I'm running are on Netflix. I know I want to have a more active lifestyle. 

Over the last four years, I've consistently worked out five days a week, every week. In that time, I've moved cross country, had school, started internships, gotten new apartments, and started my first full time job, but no matter what, I found a way to work out once a day. Even if it meant waking up at 5:30am, or taking two buses, or using the tiny gym on the TV studio lot I worked at. But, I quit a job in June and the life change caused me to skip the gym for a few weeks. It's October now and I still haven't developed a new routine! It just feels awful to go from the strongest I've been to not being able to run a few blocks.

This pic is from the first time I met Cassey, when I was still regularly exercising. In the office a few weeks ago, I told Cassey that I was feeling pretty hopeless. I told her that no matter what I did- even if I tried to wake up early, or put on all my POPFLEX gear to go to the gym after work- I wound up not motivated and skipping it. I gave myself excuse on excuse. That's when Cassey told me about the Fit Planner. 

I've tried using planners before, but honestly, I get bored SUPER easily and usually give up after like, a month. So the first thing I noticed about the 2019 Fit Planner was that there were soooo many different pages! Daily planning, monthly reflection, inspiration space, to-do section, recipes, a meal planner, AND notes from Cassey!! Plus, it comes with stickers and I literally put them EVERYWHERE. 

My absolute favorite part is the monthly habit trackers. They can really help with deciding how slow or fast you want to jump into your new routine! I want to start out with doing 30 minutes of yoga, 5 days a week and work my way up!

I just wanted to share my story with everyone, hoping someone else can get out of their funk like I'm trying to! It seemed impossible to me until I realized I was not alone! If you want to try a planner for yourself, the 2019 Fit Planner is out NOW!! You can get yours at popflexactive.com!


Best of luck with your routine. Sometimes you just have to remember workout time is playtime, even if it’s blasting music and dancing around your living room or falling trying to get a new arm balance. Go find your love of working out again. Do it for sanity, not the vanity 😊

— Susan