Soooo we've been having a Pink versus Blue face-off on Instagram. And it's getting pretty intense!

We are currently designing our next collection and need to know which color speaks to you most. After all, you guys are the ones who will be wearing it! So let's collab and design together!

Meet our two front runners from the Pantone color contest! Rose Quartz vs Lyons Blue:

Not sure how you feel yet? Ok let's set the tone give each color the chance to romance you. Here's the Rose Quartz mood board! Soft, bashful, lovely, cheerful, and feminine. How does it make you feel? 

Now it's Lyons Blue's turn! We're feeling majestic, strong, earthy, and refreshed. Oh, and that puppy...OMG. Can we please have it!?

So what are you guys leaning towards?! We love having you involved in the design process, so comment below and let us know if you want to see Rose Quartz or Lyons Blue in our next collection! We're taking this voting process VERY seriously and need to know ASAP! 

Unlike any other activewear company - or even apparel company - when we say we design for our audience, we mean it. We want you here every step of the way. This is a community effort and from here on out, it's going to be a collaboration between you and POPFLEX for years to come.!



— Angela

Lyons Blue

— Lenay

100% Lyons Blue!

— Zara Wiseman

I really like the quartz that goes with the pink. I like the subtle and light color. My favorite color is blue, but it is a different shade than this blue. This blue is ok, and I wouldn’t mind clothes in that color. I’m split.

— Ellen Jarrard

I like both pink and blue ☺ If I really had to choose it would probably be blue….although a nice soft pink is pretty awesome too!!

— Phil Renaud


— Tania

Like seriously who could decide between the two.

— Cherith

Lyons Blue

— Breanna

Lyons Blue all the way!!!!

— Melisa

I am absolutely in love with the Lyons blue! Think of a warm, tropical sea and it’s depths. I have never been a pink girl, thus for us non-pinkers, this color is absolutely it !!!

— Hyatt Serenity Lytle

Lyon’s blue all the way. Just painted my walls a similar color, I am in love!

— Jamie

The blue! :)

— Brenna

I would by anything you made in Lyons Blue. I love this color and it makes me feel so happy!!!

— Mariah

ROSE QUARTZ! I love how wearing pink makes us girls feel powerful, beautiful, and feminine at the same time.

— Debbie

December17, 2017

Hi there!

Like some of the other girls I think both shades are gorgeous but I don’t feel identified with Rose quartz shade and the allure of Lyons Blue is quite strong on me…so LYONS BLUE TOTALLY ;)

— Danielle

Blue! The pink is beautiful but i don’t have the skin tone for it (t would bring out the red in my face and my skin even more!). The blue reminds me of the depths of the ocean or of royalty. I’d wear it every day! It would be a pretty color for both winter and summer too.

— Emily

Blueee although the pink is great too!

— Linda

Ohhhhh both are so pretty! But I would have to say blue as I do think that pink would possibly blend too much with my skin tone:-(

— Erika Rogers

Green is always the best! But I’d rather go blue:)

— Miranda Susnar

Lyons blue!

— Amelia

I have to say the Lyons Blue!!! The pink is adorable, but you can get adorable clothes anywhere, the Lyons Blue will catch eyes!

— Jasmine

Rose quartz (pink) please ??

— Amy

Blue! The pink is pretty, but too flesh toned, I’d look washed out and possibly naked in that colour, lol
I’d buy alllllllll the blue!!

— Rena Wisdom

I already voted when this was first posted… but since I just started PITT28 yesterday I am SUPER excited about this new collection. Please be available SOON!!! Like January or February of 2018 soon?? ;-)

— Annick

Blue! :)

— Kayla Kellett

Blue!!! ?

— Gladys

Blue!!! ?

— Gladys

I love them both but I’ll go Pink!!

— Michelle


— Brie Battese

Lyons Blue please, however, I think it would be great if the two colours were used in the same clothing.

— Hannah

Blue, please!!! Women with very pale skin (like me!!) wash out in light pinks. Plus that blue is beautiful. I would wear that color every day!

— Emma

The two combined would look amazing

— Barb

Blue all the way. I love rose quartz but thinking about that in a pair of leggings, it doesn’t do it for me. I can already tell that shade of pink will wash me out like crazy. :(

— Sally

If I can pick both I would say BOTH! A lot of people have been saying how pretty they’ed be together and I agree! But if I absolutely had to choose it would be rose quartz.

— Veronika

Rose Quartz!

— Carmen


— Greeshma

Rose Quartz. Just because it’s hardly used in activewear and I want to see what you can come up with!! Blue is much easier to find in activewear. So go rose quartz!

— Amruta

Blue please! Blue is beautiful!!

— Christina Tabb

I love BOTH

— kathia

I love both!! If I had to pick one, I would pick the blue! But I think it would be fun to see a collection with both colors in one outfit….

— Darcy


— Liora

BLUE please!!!!!!!!!

— Mackenzie

My vote goes to the blue! I am a 100% pink lover, but this time my heart raises for the blue! Looking forward to see more of it

— Cynthia

Oh that blue is perfect. Pretty please ?? I’ll buy it all

— Brenna

Blue caught my attention. I wanted to see one more time. It’s just pops up! Go BLUE!!!!!

— Kathy

My heart got exited when I saw the Lyon Blue pin board. And this is coming from a person who loves pink ( its a happy color) but Lyon Blue wins it for me today.

— Lucero

I love both of them!!! The blue makes me want to just run and jump and get active!!! But the pink makes me feel calm and relaxed like I want to do some stretching or yoga. It is so hard to choose!!!

— Delaney


— Ayaka

I would persinlly pick both mainly because it is sooooooooooooooo hard to choose!!!!???


I really love the pink because its so beautiful and light and gorgeous but I know blue is gonna win ( PS I’m 10)