Where the heck did summer go?? We could have sworn we were on vacation just yesterday! Unless anyone's built a time machine they'd like to let us all borrow, it's time to start preparing for back-to-school! Before you start freaking out, check out these five tips on how to stay organized so you can start the school year with a BANG!

#1- Write down your goals!

Set specific things you want to accomplish in your first week back at school, the month of September or the whole school year! It's up to you. Giving yourself a clear vision will get you in the mood to succeed! Bonus points if you write down steps you can take to reach your goals.

#2- Plan exactly how you want your school days to look!

Do you want to work out before or after class? Should you do your homework, and then debate club? Write it all out- the visual will help you remember your schedule even when you're super busy!

#3- Start your routine early!

If you've been sleeping 'til noon all summer, try waking up 30 minutes earlier every day until you hit the time you have to wake up for school!  Make sure you build in time to have a healthy breakfast.

#4- Review your class materials!

Now is probably the time to make sure you're caught up on your summer reading and that you've thoroughly read any materials from your teachers, like rubrics and supplies lists! 

#5- Go back-to-school shopping!

Remember to buy things that you like and will help you stay organized!  Our brand new 2018-2019 Focus Journal is specially designed for students with pages to write daily assignments, monthly calendars and hourly planners! Get yours here.



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