We recently watched a video of Ashley Graham talking to some teens about body image. We've never seen Ashley this real and raw before. It made us start thinking about the parts of our bodies that aren't considered normal and what we sometimes feel ashamed of.

Ashley basically says that all the little things that are different about us and our bodies are actually our superpowers!!! *Jaw drops to the floor* Can you imagine how different it would be if everyone walked around truly believing they had superpowers, and not traits that should be shamed, or hidden?? It might be easier said than done, BUT now the idea is planted in our minds and ready to grow! To help things along, we thought of a bunch of examples of totally normal things that happens to our bodies that everyone should think of as their superpower!

#1 Cellulite

The internet acts like if you have cellulite you MUST have extra fat. But cellulite is not actually caused by extra fat, it's the structure of the fat that causes the appearance of the dimples. Which means it's something that your body just does, no matter what you eat or how much! If Ashley Graham can rock her cellulite lookin' 🔥🔥, and so can you!!

#2 Hip Dips

Don't know what hip dips even are? Cassey has them, and wrote a blog explaining everything! Basically, what causes it has everything to do with your bone position, and not your hip fat. And you know what? WHO CARES?? It's a part of the body you were born with, so let it empower you instead of trying to change it. 

#3 Different Sized Boobs

Another HUGE misconception is that your boobs should be EXACTLY the same size. Um, no!!! Take it from Jennifer Lawrence! Think of it this way: would you be upset if one ear was bigger than the other? What about if your hands aren't perfectly symmetrical? Most of the time it's totally natural and nothing to worry about, but if you are worried, SELF.com wrote a really informative article about different reasons your boobs might be asymmetrical.

#4 Body Hair

This last one bothers us SO. MUCH. Some women may choose to get shaved, or waxed, or even lasered because that is their personal preference. But we're tired of hearing "that's so GROSS!" referring to women who don't shave their legs or armpits. We're even talking about facial hair! That one chin hair that keeps growing back every time you pluck it? Nothing to be ashamed of!

All of these things are what makes you YOU, and if someone wastes their time calling them out negatively, remember you have a powerful body AND mind to be proud of! 💕