We are going to be the Number One in fit. There. We said it. And we’re not taking it back.

We’re not here to just design cute things. We want you to wear things that fit you better than any other brand out there. It’s a huge thing to say for a small player like us, but we’re announcing it because we’re not afraid to set huge goals and crush them.

At the beginning of December, we hosted a 2-day event where we invited 37 women of all heights, shapes, and cup sizes from XS to 3X and asked them to challenge our size chart and challenge our clothing! Each woman participated in a real life, professional fitting session with our design and product development team.

Our goal? Find out what you hate, what you love, and implement feedback IMMEDIATELY.

Here’s how it went down:



We’re gonna be the number one in fit. There. We said it. And we’re not taking it back. Thanks to everyone who came to the fit sessions 💖 ##activewear

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The first thing we did was gather full body measurements so that we could compare how the fit of a garment reacted differently on different bodies.


Our ladies had to do mini workouts to test performance Could you see her underwear in a deep squat? Did she feel supported while jogging?Did the waistband roll down when stretching to touch her toes? And most importantly did she feel confident and comfortable while moving?


As every designer measured the fit model and conducted the performance tests etc, there was another member of the POPFLEX team feverishly jotting down notes and data points. We listened and we learned.


Everything our ladies said were heard and flagged. Just within the few weeks that have passed, we’ve begun implementing several changes to help improve the fit of our designs.


❗️ IMPORTANT TAKEAWAY️❗️ The POPFLEX size chart is 100% ACCURATE. If you’re not sure if your size, measure yourself. You cannot go wrong. We know this FOR SURE.

Finally, we can't say it enough - but THANK YOU to Brittany, Giana, Teresa, Lan, Maritza, Sabrina, Chantal, Toni, Keren, Michaela, Melissa, Cindy, Susan, Michelle, Jayleen, Kaitlyn, Valerie, Rosario, Jasmine, Julia, Linda, Celinda, Patricia, Jamie, Gina, Sandra, Daisy, Ercon, Lisbet, Jen, Jennifer, Sharon, Alyssa, Kiana & Martha for giving us your time & your valuable opinions.

Wanna know how your suggestions can be heard? Make sure you're leaving us honest reviews after your purchases & send us a DM at @popflex_active!