While we're enjoying the beginning of fall with its brilliant leaves and chillier, cozier vibes, we didn't want to release an autumnal collection this year. No, we wanted to go bigger. We wanted to release staples that transcend seasons and trends. 

We wanted to get back to basics. 

models wearing popflex cloud hoodie and cute activewear from basics collection

For our Basics collection, we wanted to give you a core capsule of base layers. We've reimagined our most popular styles in colors you can wear anywhere, with anything, at any time of year!  
While our designer, Cassey, isn't usually shy when it comes to bold, bright, and beautiful fashion, she felt it was time to experiment with subtle shades and timeless staples. The result? A line of essential go-to pieces. They're easy to match. They're oh-so comfy to wear. And everything has pockets. 
We just know you're going to love each and every one of these pieces! Ready to meet your new wear-all-the-time faves?
We thought so. 
Introducing: POPFLEX BASICS. 

1. Cloud Hoodie in Black, Sand, Cream, and Heather Grey


model in POPFLEX cute activewear from the basics collection; the cloud hoodie is a soft baggy hoodie


Ever wanted to be able to bring your favorite blanket with you wherever you go?


our model is wearing a POPFLEX plus size baggy hoodie; this is the cloud hoodie from the basics collection
model wears the cloud hoodie in black, a baggy hoodie from the POPFLEX cute activewear basics collection
back of POPFLEX cloud hoodie; model wears cute activewear, a baggy hoodie


With the Cloud Hoodie, our favorite hug-in-a-jacket oversized sweatshirt, that’s exactly what you’ll be able to do.


model shows the oversized hood of the cloud hoodie, a baggy hoodie from POPFLEX and the latest cute activewear basics line
cute activewear model wears the cloud hoodie from POPFLEX basics collection in gray


Float on cloud nine with all of the snuggly vibes you could ever want: This hoodie comes with blouse-y sleeves, an extra-large hood, and, of course, pockets.

The Cloud Hoodie is made of a cozy fleece blend: 88% cotton, 12% poly.


sleeve detail from cloud hoodie with POPFLEX embroidery on cute activewear
back detail of cloud hoodie from POPFLEX cute activewear basics collection in black

Grab one today to feel like you’re cuddling up with a cloud! 


2. Explore Tee in Heather Grey, Black, White, and Taupe

model wears explore tee light cute activewear top from POPFLEX basics collection
plus size model wears explore tee in black from the POPFLEX cute activewear basics collection


When we say this is the tee of all tees, we mean it. The comfortable and goes-with-everything Explore Tee is the staple your closet is craving. 

This crew neck top goes with everything. Wear it over a top with a cute back; layer it under a warm hoodie for silky, comfortable layering.


light cute activewear tee from POPFLEX basics line; model wears the explore tee
model wears cute activewear crop tee from POPFLEX basics collection, the explore tee


The Explore Tee is cut to look good no matter how you wear it. Made of an airy, comfortable fabric that hugs your body without clinging, this tee is made to be your go-to top no matter what you’re doing.


back detail of explore tee, a cute activewear crop tee from POPFLEX basics collection
model wears plus size cute activewear tee, the cropped Explore tee from the POPFLEX basics collection


(Psst: You may never want to wear another tee after you’ve tried this one. We get it—we feel the same way!)


model wears the explore tee in black, a cropped cute activewear tee from POPFLEX basics collection
model wears the white Explore tee from the POPFLEX basics collection, a cute cropped activewear piece


Grab yours today!  

3. Corset Bra in Black

model wears the criss cross sports bra from the POPFLEX basics collection, the corset bra cute activewear in black

Ever since we debuted the Corset Bra, it’s been a constant fan favorite. It’s one of our faves, too!


model wears the plus size corset bra in black, cute activewear criss cross sports bra from the POPFLEX basics collection

Faux boning in the front that mimics a corset; a gorgeous detailed back, with a criss-cross feature that gives this supportive sport bra a modern renaissance vibe—what’s not to love?


front view of the criss cross sports bra from the POPFLEX basics collection, cute activewear corset bra in black


For our Basics line, we reimagined the Corset Bra in wear-all-the-time black. It’s got the same feminine, strong feel, in a shade that goes with everything.


model wears plus size criss cross sports bra, cute activewear in black POPFLEX corset bra from the basics collection


The Corset Bra comes with removable padding for additional support. We’d recommend it for low to medium impact workouts. Or, with its silky-soft ButterSilk fabric, we’d recommend it for doing just about anything. Trust us: You aren’t going to want to take it off. 


back view of criss cross sports bra from the POPFLEX basics collection, the corset bra in black, cute activewear
plus size corset bra cute activewear, model wears the POPFLEX criss cross sports bra

Grab yours here! 

4. Captivate Bra in Black and Mocha


cute activewear sports bra, POPFLEX basics collection captivate bra, model wears neutral, minimal activewear


Looking for a bra that’s perfect for Pilates, yoga, or just relaxing around your home?


model wears cute minimal activewear, sports bra from the POPFLEX basics collection, captivate bra
back view of the captivate bra, cute activewear sports bra from the POPFLEX basics minimal activewear neutral collection


Whether you’re layering or lounging, the Captivate Bra is here to support you 💛

With a wide neckline and an open back silhouette, this bra shows off just the right amount of skin. However, it’s still supportive, with thick straps and removable padding for comfort!


POPFLEX biker shorts and captivate bra, minimal cute activewear, model wears high-quality sports bra
back detail of sophisticated sports bra, neutral cute activewear, POPFLEX basic line captivate bra


Let’s take a quick break to talk about ButterSoft. 

We decided that for our Basics—for pieces that we want you to return to, again and again—we simply couldn’t choose anything other than this softest, most form-fitting fabric. ButterSoft is brushed on both sides for a supple, luxurious feel. It’s breathable, it’s got four-way stretch, and it’s sweat-wicking.

These ButterSoft pieces will feel cozy, comfy, and always oh-so-soft…basically, just what you want in your fave pieces! 


tan sport bra plus size model wears POPFLEX basics collection, captivate bra back detail

Grab your new go-to bra here!  

5. Supersculpt Short with Pockets in Black and Mocha

model wears neutral cute activewear, supersculpt short in mocha, POPFLEX basics collection biker short


A perfectly high-waisted cut. A seam-free front panel for an anti-camel toe fit. And, of course, pockets.


black biker short fashion cute activewear, POPFLEX soft supersculpt short in black
plus size model wears mocha cute activewear set, biker shorts and sports bra from POPFLEX basics collection, captivate bra supersculpt short


These biker shorts are our DREAM, and we’re so excited to include them in two all-new go-to shades that will pair nicely with any aesthetic.


biker shorts supersculpt shorts POPFLEX basics collection, model wears sports bra cute activewear
back detail supportive soft activewear, POPFLEX biker short from the cute activewear basics collection


We’ve included a V-shaped booty-lifting back seam and a wide waist band that doesn’t pinch for ultimate comfort. 


model wears plus size neutral biker shorts, cute activewear POPFLEX basics collection supersculpt shorts


Basically, these high-waisted shorts don’t just look good: They support you, they hold your stuff, and they feel fantastic. 


minimal neutral activewear, POPFLEX basics collection, model wears supersculpt shorts, cute activewear biker shorts


Get yours here!  

6. Ultimate Hourglass Legging With Pockets (!!!) in Black and Mocha


pocket leggings crossover leggings POPFLEX basics collection ultimate hourglass leggings in black


Want to enhance your natural hourglass shape and feel comfortable at the same time?

Our fan-fave curve-enhancing leggings are back in two timeless, neutral shades. We just know you’ll find yourself reaching for them time after time all throughout the fall and winter (and, likely, long after that!).


everyday high quality leggings, POPFLEX crossover leggings, pocket leggings



These full-length leggings have a V-cut, wide waistband that doesn’t pinch, a seam-free front panel (for zero camel-toe situations!), a booty-lifting V-shaped back seam, and 100% squat-proof fabric.


high waisted pocket legging, POPFLEX basics collection ultimate hourglass legging, crossover legging
plus size ultimate hourglass legging, POPFLEX pocket legging, cute activewear crossover legging



Plus, we’ve also included side pockets that are deep enough to hold your phone so you can go about your life with your hands free.


POPFLEX cute activewear basics collection ultimate hourglass legging pocket legging crossover legging


The Ultimate Hourglass Legging is available in thick, stretchy ButterSoft Brushed.


models wear minimal cute activewear, everyday high quality black leggings, pocket leggings from the POPFLEX basics collection


 Grab a pair or two today! 

7. Belle Sweater in Black and Oat

pleated sweater from the POPFLEX basics cute activewear collection, Belle sweater in black


Ready for an all-new silhouette...perhaps one with perfect full sleeves that are fit for a princess?


perfect pleated sweater from cute activewear collection Basics from POPFLEX, Belle Sweater in Oat


The Belle Sweater is romantic, and effortlessly chic. Want to elevate your outfit with no effort? Throw on this statement sweatshirt, and you’ll immediately feel flirty and fun.


models wear Belle sweater in oat and black, the pleated sweater from the POPFLEX basics collection, cute activewear
sleeve detail pleated sweater Belle sweater in black POPFLEX cute activewear


With a minimal crew-neck and modern dropped shoulder, this sweatshirt is all about letting those pleated bishop sleeves shine.


elegant cute activewear POPFLEX fashionable basics pleated sweater Belle sweater
belle sweater pleated sweater from POPFLEX cute activewear, fashion sweatshirt high quality sweater


The Belle Sweater has a loose, boxy fit so you can layer with ease or cuddle up cozily in an oversized silhouette. This piece is all about looking good and feeling good - which is exactly what we plan on doing every day, all year long.


belle sweater in oat, cute activewear from POPFLEX basics collection, fashion activewear sweater pleated sweater

 Grab yours today! 

8. Timeless Legging With Pockets in Black


timeless legging high quality black legging POPFLEX cute activewear everyday legging


Guys, we decided that with our Basics launch, it was time to give you a truly timeless closet staple.


pocket legging crossover legging high-waisted high-quality legging, POPFLEX cute activewear basics collection


These Timeless Leggings have staying power. With an ultra high waist (that sits above the belly button) and now with pockets on both sides, these are literally our dream full-length leggings…and we suspect they’ll be yours, too.


timeless legging pocket legging in black, POPFLEX cute activewear, plus size model


The Timeless Tights feature squat-proof fabric, perfectly curve-accentuating construction, and go-with-everything chicness.


sports bra high waisted legging, crossover legging pocket legging POPFLEX cute activewear
POPFLEX plus size cute pocket leggings, fashion cute activewear sports bra, basics collection timeless legging


Trust us: You’re gonna want a pair (or three). 


POPFLEX cute activewear high waisted leggings pocket leggings crossover leggings timeless leggings

Pick up yours today! 

9. Peek-a-Boo Short Onesie in Black

POPFLEX basics collection peek-a-boo short onesie workout onesie short onesie high quality cute activewear


Okay. You guys, we did it. Introducing, our new fave wardrobe essential: The Peek-a-boo Short Onesie.

Not only does this piece look fantastic, it’ll make deciding what to wear easier than you thought possible.


POPFLEX plus size workout onesie peek-a-boo short onesie cute activewear


What’s more, you can dress your onesie up or down seamlessly: The Peek-a-boo Short Onesie can take you from a low-to-low-medium impact workout to the grocery store and beyond with minimal accessories or changing!


peek-a-boo short onesie POPFLEX high quality cute activewear short workout onesie


We’ve packed the Peek-a-boo Short Onesie with thoughtful details to keep you comfortable and looking good. You’ll enjoy waist-cinching construction, butt-lifting seams, adjustable straps, deep pockets, and a silicone grip strip to make sure your shorts stay where you want them.


detail of shorts grip peek-a-boo short onesie POPFLEX workout onesie cute activewear
peek-a-boo short onesie POPFLEX plus size workout onesie cute activewear


(And just look at that flirty vent detail for breathability and fun!)


model wears the peek-a-boo short onesie POPFLEX cute activewear workout onesie


This is the basic wear-all-the-time jumpsuit we’ve been waiting for…and, psst…we’re not done with the onesie trend just yet!


plus size model wears peek-a-boo short onesie from POPFLEX basics collection workout onesie cute activewear


Grab yours today!  

10. Peek-a-Boo Onesie in Black


POPFLEX peek-a-boo onesie, model wears cute activewear, high-quality workout onesie


Let’s face it: There was zero chance we could stop with just one perfect workout onesie, right? Once those doors were open, there was no stopping us.

Introducing the perfect sister to the short onesie: Our Peek-a-boo Onesie, full-length, in black.


peek-a-boo onesie, model wears POPFLEX basics collection cute activewear workout onesie


This sleek statement piece is easy to wear, work out in, and incorporate into your current wardrobe. We chose a soft, luxurious brushed fabric to give you support and a silky hand-feel.


POPFLEX basics collection peek-a-boo onesie, model wears cute activewear plus size workout onesie
model does bridge pose in cute activewear workout onesie from POPFLEX cute activewear, workout onesie


We just love the low open back design on our onesies; they give such an elevated feel to these essential closet staples, don’t you think?


POPFLEX peek-a-boo onesie cute activewear, model wears workout onesie from basics collection, neutral high quality activewear
model wears peek-a-boo onesie, POPFLEX cute activewear workout onesie


With deep pockets, removable bra cups, flattering construction and endless styling options, the Peek-a-boo Onesie feels so good we wouldn’t be surprised if you wear it all year long.


peek-a-boo onesie POPFLEX, models wear the workout onesie, comfortable fashionable activewear

Grab yours today!   

models wear pieces from the POPFLEX basics collection, cute activewear, high quality activewear

 Thanks so much as always to our gorgeous models!

We're so excited about our first Basics launch...and, if it's possible, even more excited to start styling these pieces for workouts and wearing while out and about!

Okay, it's time: Which pieces are you excited to stock your closet with? Do you know which staples you are going to pick up? Tell us in the comments below!