People Swear By This 30 Day Ab Challenge

People Swear By This 30 Day Ab Challenge

July 31, 2020 1 Comment

So many people have tried the #100AbChallenge and have seen it transform their abs like crazy! Even Taylor Swift did it! Who remembers this?



(BTW we have fallen in love with Folklore...anyone else!!???)

Ok well guess what you guys?

We're gonna start the 100 Ab Challenge on August 1st and we want you to commit with us! Are you in!!???

Best part is - we're gonna level up this time. THIS TIME you get to do the 100 Ab Challenge in Cassey's new app Body by Blogilates which just launched TODAY!!!!!


AHHHHHH we are so excited for it! The aesthetics. The ease of use. All of Cassey's best workouts. All of her best challenges. All in one place! It's Blogilates in your back pocket!!! And it's FREE to download!!

Now listen up...if you've never done the 100 Ab Challenge before, here's the rundown: 100 reps of abs. Every. Single. Day. For 30 days. 😱

Use #BodybyBlogilates and #100abchallenge when you post on the socials so we can cheer you on!!!


Every day, you'll tackle one new ab-targeting movement. Your goal is simple: do 100 reps of that movement, and then you're done!!! Do them any way you can, whether it's 10 groups of 10 reps scattered throughout the day, or 100 all in one sprint!!! 😅

What's more, none of these moves require ANY equipment. The app makes it so, so easy to find everything you need - so you can concentrate on feeling that burn!! 


For each movement, Cassey provides helpful in-app videos AND in-app video descriptions that detail the moves so precisely, you're basically GUARANTEED to do them with perfect form!!!

All the motivation you need is at your fingertips, including a progress bar that shows you what % of the challenge you've completed and the ability to mark each day as complete!! 🏆

(Imagine how awesome it'll feel to watch that progress bar slide closer and closer to 100%!) 🙌


We won't lie to you. This is going to hurt. (In a good way of course) But! As long as you're eating clean, drinking water, and committed to doing this every day, you will see - and, more importantly, feel - results. In addition, the challenge will remain on your profile as a permanent reminder of everything you've accomplished. 💛

P.S. Once you're done with the #100AbChallenge, the BODY by Blogilates has monthly workout calendars AND hundreds of hours of workouts for you! With the app, Cassey has curated targeted workouts that are ALL just a tap away!!! 



Download the iOS app here

Download the Android app here



OMG our abs are going to be on FIRE but we can't wait to get started anyway 🤪 Taking on the #100AbChallenge will be a LOT, but it's going to be SO GOOD!!! 🔥🔥🔥

What do you say? Are you IN!?!?

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August 01, 2020

Yes, I’m in…

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