We have a FANTASTIC announcement today!! Terrain is BACK – and we have new pieces to share!!!

We're bringing back ~ALL~ the outfits from the first release, PLUS new colors so you can mix and match! (Also, everything comes in black. So classic.) 💁‍♀️

When we were planning this launch, we knew one thing for sure: That we wanted to involve our AMAZING POPFLEX community as much as we could. We were super excited to announce a casting call open to all POPsters to help us model these stunning Terrain pieces! We weren't looking for professional models. We were looking for women who reflected the beauty of our actual customers.

We had HUNDREDS of applications, and we wish we could have worked with every single person. 💛  After narrowing it down to our final five (ugh so hard!) we planned a fun shoot and got to spend the day getting to know these amazing women! It was so fun cheering everyone on! As the day went on, everyone got more and more confident. It was so cool to see them blossom in just a matter of hours. You can literally see them shining from the inside when you look at their pictures on the website. We are SO PROUD!

Okay, ready to meet your models!?

Meet Izzy! 📸: @pinkerbel

Occupation: Registered Dietician

How long have you been following us? I first discovered Blogilates in 2011 and have been a loyal fan ever since :)

What is your favorite piece of the Terrain Collection? It's a tie between the Alpine Set and the Gulch Set! I love the anti-camel toe Alpine Leggings and the oh-so flattering crossover waistband on the Gulch Leggings.

Any tips on staying motivated in 2020? Have an accountability partner. Whether it's your significant other or your bff, have someone who will encourage and motivate you daily to be your healthiest, happiest self! :)

Izzy is also a current POPFLEX POWERGIRL!! ✌️

Izzy is wearing the Gulch Bra & Legging in Evergreen.

Meet Imani! 📸: @cmonimaan

Occupation: Film student & poet

How long have you been following us? I've been following Cassey and Blogilates since 2012, so I was lucky enough to know about Popflex from the start!

What is your favorite piece you wore in the shoot? My favorite piece would have to be the Wander Shorts! They criss-cross at the waist in a really nice way and the warm orange tone was lovely.

Any tips on staying motivated in 2020? Personally, I've been looking to nature to ground myself. I love going on long walks and just letting myself roam. Beyond that, I try to give myself little things to look forward to throughout the week: like a nice face mask or trying a new tea. It's all about perspective.

Imani is wearing the Wander Bra & Short in Clay.

Meet Amayrani! 📸: @amara.her

Occupation: Kinesiology student

How long have you been following us? I have been following Cassey for about a year now, but only became more serious about following a workout routine about a month ago. I followed Cassey's June workout and lost 5 pounds! I didn't follow a healthy diet during this time so I believe I would have seen an even bigger difference if I had.

What is your favorite piece you wore in the shoot? My favorite piece from the shoot is the Wander Bra. I love the color, breathability, and how comfortable it is. I also haven't seen many sports bras with short sleeves so that's a plus.

Any tips on staying motivated in 2020? I have always struggled with motivation when it comes to exercising. I found that staying focused on your goals really helps. I picture what I will feel like when I complete a workout, how it will help my health and my confidence and this motivates me to put my phone down and just start exercising. It also helps to separate a time for exercise every day and write it down in my planner. This way I can't say "I don't have time to work out".

Amayrani is wearing the Wander Bra & Gulch Legging in Granite.

Meet ShyAnn! 📸: @shylanta_fitness

Occupation: Personal trainer

How long have you been following us? I have been following Cassey for 3 years!

What is your favorite piece you wore in the shoot? I love the Gulch Bra in Black and the Wander Shorts in Evergreen. ♥️

Any tips on staying motivated in 2020? Get into a good routine and be sure to take time for you! Self-care is so important, take more bubble baths or dance to your favorite playlist. It's also a great time to try out a new hobby, like painting or yoga.

ShyAnn is wearing the Gulch Bra & Legging in Black.

Meet Christy! 📸: @coesbeforebros

Occupation: Student (doctorate) of physical therapy

How long have you been following us? Since 2014!

What is your favorite piece you wore in the shoot? My favorite piece was the Alpine Bra in Clay because I love the high neckline and mesh!

Any tips on staying motivated in 2020? I'm able to keep a positive perspective by not worrying about things that I can't control because it's typically wasted energy that could be put into something more productive! My tip for staying motivated is to plan ahead and create a routine that fits your daily life because those will keep you on track on days you feel less motivated!

Christy is wearing the Alpine Bra & the Morning Dew Legging in Clay.

There you have it! Our Terrain 2.0 models! We are seriously so proud fo these five gorgeous girls! Go give them a follow and leave a nice compliment on their profile. They killed it.

Comment below what you plan on getting in this release!


Lindsey said:

These are the most beautiful models I’ve ever seen! I see their joy. :)

Mia said:

Love this! Where do you post the open casting calls and do you plan on doing this again in the future?

Mia said:

Love this!! Where do you post the casting calls and are you hoping to do the open calls in the future?

christa schutte said:

I love the alpine leggings and was hoping for more of those.

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